Human Nature

Have you ever looked around you and wondered what the people you see are like really?

I realize we all wear masks. We are different people depending on who we are with, or if we are alone. Even people who pride themselves on "being themselves" are, in all reality, not.

I was thinking about this when another blog friend had a "crisis of internet-itis" so-to-speak. I won't link to them to protect their identity, but suffice it to say some people she really cared about in blogland suddenly showed another side of themselves that she didn't know existed and it really threw her for a loop. In all fairness, I think we are all like that – even in our real lives. The internet just makes it easier to project the 'you' you want to be.

I look around me and see the co-worker who appears to be clean, neat, incredibly organized. Yet I know he calls his wife "mother" and she does everything for him. We joke that he won't even dust his office as he's hoping his wife will come do it for him. He goes home every day for lunch, even when we're busy, and his wife (who also works 'outside the home') comes home and makes his lunch every day. He also has a stash of porn that, unfortunately, I've come in contact with. Ugh.

Which begs the question, how many people have that porn stashed in their desk, night-stand, under the bed, or internet favorites? Is it "standard" porn, or fetish? Okay, don't answer that.

How many of us come across as organized and clean freaks, but live as slobs at home? Or just the opposite?

I see the people who come across as so godly and spiritual, then being judgemental and close-minded. The ones who seem tolerate and loving as long as it isn't their kids or their friends or their neighborhood…or, for that matter, their country.

The people who smile at your face and stab you in the back.

People like me, who seem confident – until you see the insecurity lurking beneath the surface.

The gorgeous girls who think they aren't, and the skinny girls who think they're fat, and the men who think they're less because they actually have feelings and aren't afraid to use them.

The perfectionists among us who never think they are good enough. The moms and dads who second guess themselves daily on why little princess isn't potty trained yet or college material at age twelve. The people who spend their whole lives wondering what it is they want to be when they grow up and why they can't quite get there.

So, tell me if you dare…who are you? Who are you really?