If You Find My Mind, Will You Please Send It Home?

First off, I wish to give back some bloggy love to Hilly. Yeah, I know… she bounced you over here and now I'm bouncing you back. Live with it. One of the points that was made so beautifully in her post, and extended link to RW, was the whole "blogging how you feel at the time" movement. I have a tendency to do that. I may come across as pretty scatterbrained or manic-depressive, but, well, that's me. I believe my husbands' favorite quote is "life with you is never boring".

I don't tend to be the best at spelling… and my punctuation sucks… and basically I will totally "hickify" a word just 'cause I know what I'm sayin' even if you don't. (Is hickify even a word? Hmmm…too lazy to look it up.)

I must say one thing I've always prided myself on is my memory. I have a great memory. I can have stacks and stacks of papers or books or clothing or whatever and know exactly where that one thing is I want. I can visualize where that one thing is in the refrigerator or pantry or closet. Usually. Lately I've noticed some slippage in this area. I was beginning to think it was old age creeping up on me until I read something on someone's blog (trust me, I'd love to give you credit but for the life of me I can't remember who wrote it. Yes, the irony doesn't escape me.) that stress can cause memory loss. If you've been playing along the last few weeks you know the stress has gotten into the red zone and we're now seeing melt down on the horizon unless someone gets a jammie day… soon.

I was sitting at my desk this morning when I had this horrible flash of memory. I realized that two evenings ago…two…Hubs handed me some papers and asked me to make copies for a landlord. I even questioned if they were needed immediately and I was informed, yes, that they were needed right away. Since Hubs was sitting at my desk where I would be sitting to make the copies, I went into the kitchen and started dinner, thinking I would go in and do that as soon as he got done in the office. So… that brings us to this morning when I flashed on the fact that no, I had not ever gone back into the office to make the copies. Shit. Now where were the papers I was supposed to copy? That was thought one. Thought two was, what did Hubs do with the papers? Give them to the landlord? Now we'd have to be all stupid and ask for them back to make copies. Gah. I called Hubs and thank goodness he realized what I'd done… or, in this case, hadn't done. He was coming by my work anyway and had them with him so I made copies here at work and all was right with the world.

Still? It threw me. How could I forget something so important… and especially, how did I do it for two whole days? Then? What the hell brought them back?

I'm losing it. I swear. See? You come around here you never quite know what's going to be on the agenda. I only know that I blog as I live as I think as I am… a random mess. I cover pretty good though. Welcome to my world.