Good News Bad News

Ah, yes… again we have a quality Na-no-poo-poo blog post. (Why can't I remember the name of that thing? Oh yeah. We talked about that. Nevermind.)

It is Sunday, typically your day of rest. Somebody's day of rest. Not mine.

In the bad news department: Tech support never contacted me and my computer program is still locking me out.

In the good news department: Tech support never contacted me and my computer program is still locking me out.

See how nicely that worked out? If tech support had, in fact, unlocked my program, I'd be writing this from work instead of the cozy confines of my bed.

Further good news bad news~

Bad news: Yesterday afternoon I get a call from Hubs. My son was driving the tractor through the field putting on anhydrous (if you don't understand this farmer-speak, just keep reading as understanding is not necessary) the windshield of the tractor exploded!!

Good news: Son wasn't hurt, just scared shitless. Hubs said when son called him his voice was about four octaves higher than normal. It will be fixed, but probably not until Tuesday. No clue why it happened.

More? You say you want more?

Good news: (Didya see how I switched it up on ya there? Keep up, people.) The new ergonomic keyboard and mouse I bought work beautifully, after some minor adjustment to my brain. The keyboard takes some getting used to but once you do it works famously.

Bad news: I am going back to my old keyboard. Why? Because I can't type a fucking thing right on any other keyboard now. The world doesn't run on ergonomic keyboards. If it did, I'd be set. Unfortunately, even changing out my home desktop computer to an ergonomic keyboard has only managed to screw up Hubs' typing skills (yes, he has mad skillz). Still? Typing on my laptop became a joke. A JOKE. I don't like to be joking when I'm trying to type in a swift and accurate manner. So… anybody want an ergonomic keyboard? I'm keepin' the mouse. I loves the mousie.

So, that's it for today. Looking forward to a day off. Well, off of my "town" job. I still have all that laundry, dishes, bookwork, yada yada yada… you know. Still? The company is much better at this job.