When Friday Used to Mean the Weekend Was Coming

It is Friday.

In some most people's lives this means the weekend is just around the corner. Only a few short hours from now, two whole days of rest and relaxation – or at least some choice in personal activity – will occur.

For lots of people Friday means payday.

For some people Friday night is 'date night'.

For other people Friday night is 'go out and tie one on 'cause you know you have two whole days to recover' night.

Most often, weekends now mean I spend one day cleaning and doing laundry and all the 'chores', and with luck, the other day I get a 'jammie day'. If I'm feeling particularily lazy, I may even take a jammie weekend. (Mmmm…jammie weekend. Give me a second to relish.) That sounds soooo good right now!

When the kids were young, Friday night was pizza night. We lived in the country, so no delivery, but we'd go get pizzas and  watch "Miami Vice" and stay up late to watch "Friday Night Videos" (before we had cable and MTV, and when MTV actually played music – don't pretend you don't know what I mean.)

Friday is the day to make plans for the weekend. If you are doing home repair or remodeling, it is the lists of tools and supplies and where and when and what will you transport it all in. If you are cooking meals for the week it is the grocery list and the coupon clipping. If it is mid-sports-season it is tail-gate planning or figuring out which of your friends has the best TV to watch the big game on. Kids? Parties are usually on weekends as are play dates and special homework projects or, god forbid, five little-league games. Are you going on a trip? Logistics. If you are vegging? What do you need to do tonight so you don't have to leave the house the rest of the weekend.

I think this is one of the things I miss most about this time of the year. I'm so busy I don't get to relish "the weekend", so it makes Friday just another Tuesday.

What does Friday mean to you? Do you have weekend plans?