Monday Mumblings

* In case you missed it… I GOT SLEEP! WHOOOT! Amazing what a few extra hours and a long nap can do for an attitude.

* I am actually taking two days off of work to prepare for Thanksgiving. I will clean and cook and clean some more (and hopefully tuck another nap or two in there somewhere). Not all my kids can come as some are going to their spouses family get-togethers. That's fine. I knew it from the get-go that when they got married and/or started dating seriously that I would have to "share". Doesn't mean I won't miss them, just means I understand. I bit the bullet and invited my parents… and MIL… and, yes, even BIL and his family. I had an inside tip that his wife is spending the day with her parents, so it may be managable. Oh, and my MIL has a sis and bil visiting, so I said to bring 'em. Once you get to a certain point, what's a couple more?

* Several people are doing this 30-days of gratitude thing. I'm a little late getting on the band wagon, so I'll just make it five days of gratitude in honor of Thanksgiving: Day 1.  I am grateful for all my blog friends who come around day after day even though I've been too busy to reciprocate. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for being here.