Just in time for Thanksgiving, winter has arrived. I can't believe it. It wasn't supposed to snow here, but stay in the southern part of the state. I think we've gotten at least 1/2" already and it isn't showing signs of letting off just yet. I'll wait to see if this changes my parents' plan to come for Thanksgiving. They have to drive about 40 miles and they may feel a bit timid about doing so. They've lived in the south for a few years and haven't quite gotten their 'winter' legs back.

I haven't seen many birds at the feeder lately. Could it be because I've been too busy to fill it? Perhaps…  At any rate, I wasn't worried as I know there is still a lot out and around for them to eat. However, I did fill it a couple of days ago and today I think with the snow, they decided it was time to be lazy and come to the feeders. I've seen lots of different ones that I've not seen for awhile. Then again, it hasn't been many days when I've been here in the daylight, so maybe they've been here I just haven't been.

Five Days of Gratitude: Day 3 – I'm very grateful that we had mother nature on our side this year and harvest went well. We had some times when it could have been a little less wet, but it stopped in time to harvest and we had what we needed (and what we didn't need, as in wind damage) throughout the growing season and the yields were good. Prices for crops are even up some (as well as fuel and fertilizer and land prices and everything that goes along with…) but if I didn't complain a little I couldn't call myself a farmer ('s wife). I'm grateful that we made it another year without anyone getting hurt (fires? exploding windshields?) and things are winding down. I am very grateful to live here in Iowa. I know many people think it is a boring place to live, but for me it is just perfect. I have what I need and I enjoy all the season changes. Okay, back to cleaning and cooking. The turkey is in the oven and the house smells wonderful… If I don't get around until late tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving everyone~~~