No, not my blog. It's okay. I'm here. Put your head between your knees if you must. Breathe. I know, I know… there, there… I scared you. Sorry. I realize you may have thought from the title that I was calling an end to this blog. Silly people.

No, I was thinking more of TV. I was watching "Heroes" last night and remembering them saying it was the season finale. Then I'd read earlier in the day where it was maybe not really the finale of the season, but more the finale of the virus story line and the writers' strike was determining what kind of a finale it was… and if the strike was resolved they'd be back with more episodes in this season. Huh?

I'm already hearing rumors that some of the shows I'm liking ("Life") may not be back and, again, because of the strike may not have their storylines finished in any kind of a satisfactory way and others may be damaged permanently by their schedules getting all messed up ("Lost").

So what shows are you watching that you either know or suspect will be effected?

The L Word *updated*


So close. I was soooo close. I posted every day for November until the very.Last.Day. Mother nature thwarted me. She laughed at me loud and hard. We got ice and a bit of snow, and more ice. Not enough that we lost power, but just enough to coat our satellite dish and kill the internet. I wasn't thinking. I should have had a post ready to go and pre-dated, but nooo. I didn't. Guess I'll have to wait for next year to try the Nano-thing again!

Oh, and remember all the things I had on my list? You know, the whole "getting ready for Christmas" stuff? *insert evil laugh* Yeah… well… that's where the "L" word comes in. Lazy. Yes, people, I hear the collective gasp from here. I was lazy…and it felt great. All weekend. I did some dishes, I did some cooking, I did some laundry… and I slept a great deal. Christmas is going to come whether I'm ready or not, and at this point it very well could be a 'not'.

It'll take me awhile to catch up on what you all have been up to lately… but at least you know what happened to me!

*update* It is official. I am a dumbass. T.J. reminded me that November only has 30 days… and I posted on the 30th. So, in case you're following along… I MADE IT!!! I posted each and every day of November! Whew! What a relief. I'm not a loser after all! Then again, I am blogging each and every day, so um…yeah… maybe I really am. I need to get a life? Yikes.