The L Word *updated*


So close. I was soooo close. I posted every day for November until the very.Last.Day. Mother nature thwarted me. She laughed at me loud and hard. We got ice and a bit of snow, and more ice. Not enough that we lost power, but just enough to coat our satellite dish and kill the internet. I wasn't thinking. I should have had a post ready to go and pre-dated, but nooo. I didn't. Guess I'll have to wait for next year to try the Nano-thing again!

Oh, and remember all the things I had on my list? You know, the whole "getting ready for Christmas" stuff? *insert evil laugh* Yeah… well… that's where the "L" word comes in. Lazy. Yes, people, I hear the collective gasp from here. I was lazy…and it felt great. All weekend. I did some dishes, I did some cooking, I did some laundry… and I slept a great deal. Christmas is going to come whether I'm ready or not, and at this point it very well could be a 'not'.

It'll take me awhile to catch up on what you all have been up to lately… but at least you know what happened to me!

*update* It is official. I am a dumbass. T.J. reminded me that November only has 30 days… and I posted on the 30th. So, in case you're following along… I MADE IT!!! I posted each and every day of November! Whew! What a relief. I'm not a loser after all! Then again, I am blogging each and every day, so um…yeah… maybe I really am. I need to get a life? Yikes.