No, not my blog. It's okay. I'm here. Put your head between your knees if you must. Breathe. I know, I know… there, there… I scared you. Sorry. I realize you may have thought from the title that I was calling an end to this blog. Silly people.

No, I was thinking more of TV. I was watching "Heroes" last night and remembering them saying it was the season finale. Then I'd read earlier in the day where it was maybe not really the finale of the season, but more the finale of the virus story line and the writers' strike was determining what kind of a finale it was… and if the strike was resolved they'd be back with more episodes in this season. Huh?

I'm already hearing rumors that some of the shows I'm liking ("Life") may not be back and, again, because of the strike may not have their storylines finished in any kind of a satisfactory way and others may be damaged permanently by their schedules getting all messed up ("Lost").

So what shows are you watching that you either know or suspect will be effected?