Whiney Wednesday

  • It's COLD outside
  • The weather gurus are saying 3-5" of snow within the next 24 hours. If it happens and we lose i-net again you may not hear from me for a bit. Don't panic. It is only temporary.
  • Comments aren't always showing up in my e-mail like they are supposed to. This makes me very unhappy. I like to respond to your comments. I don't like coming here and seeing that you have commented and I didn't know it. If I've neglected to respond to a comment it is likely I have not seen it in my inbox. I may have to start responding to comments in comments…
  • I was playing with my template yesterday and messed something up. Then when I went to start over and just download the whole thing again, it won't come back in. Neither will a couple of others I was interested in trying. This frustrates me. I hate Blogger, but at least I knew how to do things there. Here, in WordPress, I don't know enough about how it all works to figure out what I did wrong. I have that lovely, patient, Brad who helps out if I get in a jam, but I really hate relying on someone else. Really. That's why you are now seeing this template. I don't mind this one, and like the banner, but don't like that it is hard to read. Is it hard to read for you or just me?
  • I haven't even started my Christmas or Birthday shopping (we have four birthdays in December and early January – not counting mine)
  • It's COLD outside.
  • I love having a grandson who is old enough I can call him up and make him my 'spy' … getting some info from him on his Mom to help me with Christmas and her birthday. I love the fact when I called she was there and probably is going nuts trying to figure out what I wanted. He's a good kid. He won't tell. I'm an evil mother. I won't tell either.
  • I haven't got one Christmas decoration up, inside or outside the house. Not one.
  • Have I mentioned it's COLD outside?