Monday Mutterings

Friday the official snow total was 4". Not enough to strand me, but enough to whine and snivel so Hubs would drive me to the doctor.

I haven't figured out my doctor. I seriously think he has PMS. Otherwise, I think he has a man-crush on my husband. When we first started going to him (he's a G.P.) I think he was just starting out. Young and eager, he really listened to you and tried to figure out what was going on. As he aged, I think he began burning out.

I switched to a woman in the same clinic for a time and she was horrid. Not only did she not listen, but I could do nothing right – including being a carnivore! *gasp* Now I know some of you are vegetarians and I applaud you, but I don't cram meat down your throat – please don't be trying to cram anything down my… well, you get the idea. Mutual respect, 'kay?

After Hubs went back to Doc 1 and I went with and saw how attentive he was with Hubs, I decided perhaps I'd mis-judged him and he was only having a bad spell. You know, maybe someone kicked his cat or peed in his Cheerios. I started back with Doc 1 as well, but once again he was a bit aloof when we discussed my shoulder pain (several months ago). He sent me for physical therapy and threw out the word "tendinitis" and rescheduled me for my next 3-month diabetes checkup.

Fast forward. Physical therapy did nothing but suck money out of my bank account and teach me how to a.) sleep without moving b.) sleep with a sling on my arm and c.) play with various stretching exercises that make me hurt worse than I did when I began!

Then came the busy season at work and simultaneously physical therapy came to a screeching halt and everything else got worse.

Now not only do I have shoulder pain in one arm when I move a certain way, but I have constant pain in my neck, shoulders, and down both arms and sharp pains whe I move either arm in specific ways.

Because of my work schedule, I regrettably had to miss my three-month appointment in November. Friday was the re-scheduled appointment. I asked Hubs to take me, not only because of the weather, but because I needed moral support. I wanted to stand up and get the doctors' attention and try to get him to not only listen to me, but at least make an attempt to fix me!

I think my plan worked. Not only did he hear me out, but he actually paid attention and when Hubs reminded him I'd had back surgery he looked at his records and saw that an MRI I'd had in 2001 showed some "irregularities". Huh. Nobody said that at the time! As a matter of fact, I distinctly remember them saying "nothing was wrong" then and I felt like it was "all in my head". *sigh*  At least at that time the guy from the pain clinic gave me a steroid shot that kept me going for a few years!

So, long story short (yeah, I know this has dragged – sorry) he sent me for an x-ray then will see if that indicates an orthopedic referral and/or MRI and we can figure out what's going on. Oh, and he gave me vicodin to help with the pain at night so I can sleep! I was thrilled about that until I tried it … and even at the maximum dose it does nothing. Seriously. It doesn't reduce the pain, it doesn't make me drowsy… all it is doing is making me sick to my stomach. Geez… can't I do anything right??

So. Tomorrow Hubs goes for his regular checkup and I'll be tagging along to see if Doc has any other suggestions or if he figured out what the next step should be. Keep your fingers crossed!

(I changed the template so we could all read it better. I know the print is still small, but it is better spaced and I think a bit easier to read…right?)