I Only Look 29 – I Wish **Update**


You guys are good.

Some of you actually knew it was my birthday today before I made the big announcement. You are either highly organized or I spilled the beans earlier then promptly forgot. I have been known to do that.

At any rate, yes. Today is my birthday. I'm 51. I only feel 70. I've never been a woman who hides my age. As a former boss once said of birthdays, "It's better than the alternative". I do lots of stuff that I've been told a woman of 51 shouldn't do. No, not like sky-diving or high-risk behavior. More like the way I think. However, the body constantly reminds me that I'm not as young as I think I am! I wish it would shut up for awhile and leave me alone.

Thanks everyone for your wonderful kind wishes on my earlier post. I don't think the pharmacist slipped me a placebo, and really, the Oxy does not work. Call it weird brain chemistry. (And, yes, I've been popping plain Aleve by the fistful for months.)  I remembered last night as I was pondering my doctor appointment on January 8th that it was only a month before youngest son's wedding! Yikes. That means if surgery is recommended I'll either have to get in right away or else probably decide to wait until after the wedding. If I recall, the last time I had this done I had to wear a neck brace for awhile and call me vain, but I don't believe I wish to be photographed in that extra piece of equipment. Fashion statement it is not.

So…another day, another year marked "older". As much as I've put up with through this life so far, I wouldn't wish it any differently. It made me who I am and got me to where I am and except for this small pain issue I really am a pretty happy person. I have a beautiful family that takes my breath away with love, critters I adore, and even a bunch of friends who make me feel all warm and fuzzy from miles away. It's a wonderful life (yes, Frank Capra, it is) and waaay better than the alternative.

**Update** Well, the cat's out of the bag. Silly me… this is what I get for not getting around to reading you all! I found out Becky put a shout-out on her blog to everyone to wish me Happy Birthday today! Thanks, Becky – you're the best!  Then I get an e-mail that tells me my birthday pie will be waiting for me! Last year Michael surprised me by arranging a cherry pie (my absolute favorite) to be made at a nearby (very good) local bakery and he's done it again! I swear, you guys are too much. Thank you for making my day!