I'm always amazed when something actually happens when it should. I guess you guys have more power than I originally gave you credit for! The internet repairman showed up! Whoot!

I think the internet is fixed at home. I've not had much time to mess with it yet, and haven't gotten my network all set up as it should be, but I've not heard any cussing coming from the office since he came, so I guess Hubs is happy with the result.

Now I'm just going to try and get all that stuff re-attached this week. Oh, and in other news, Hubs says I can get a new laptop. I'm really tickled, seeing as I use my laptop more than my desktop – and will absolutely be using it when I'm laid up. Now if I can just get one and get it all set up before surgery next week. Keep fingers crossed, everyone – you were so powerful the last time, I'm counting on you!

Remember, though… that was a pretty minor request compared to the one I'm going to ask you next week. A week from today is my surgery. You know what to do! I'll be reminding you.