Calm Before the Storm

That's what yesterday was. I took a "jammie day" before the frantic rushing that is to be the next few days. Those of you playing along will be pleased to know I still did not take down the Christmas decorations. I didn't clean (well, okay, I did set my oven to self-clean, but that doesn't really count. Oh, and I did the dishes, well, the dishwasher did, so that doesn't really count either. And I did a load of Hubs' clothes. The whole naked thing seemed to bother some people.) I guess in review you could call it a "modified" jammie day. Basically, I was a vegtable all day.

Today I am working half the day, then have an appointment to have my hair cut this afternoon. I'm a bit nervous about this as I have short hair and it is at that "almost" stage. It almost needs to be cut, but if I wait I won't be able to get in until the day of the wedding and that's just too late to have a haircut. I've got an appointment to have it styled that day, just 'cause I don't want to hassle with making sure the back looks as good as the front… (yeah, usually I don't even look at the back, my bad!). I, however, don't want to worry about a bad cut that day. This way I'll have three weeks for it to hopefully correct any minor mistakes. The color I usually do myself and it is too early to do it now, but won't do it the day of the wedding, so I'll have to figure out how to do it sans collar sometime the week before the wedding (shhh…don't tell the doctor!). Heavens! We all know it is a sin to have our white roots showing in the wedding pictures!

Tomorrow begins a very long day. Early morning I expect people to appear on my doorstep so we can carpool to the bride-to-be's tiny hometown about an hour away for a wedding shower. It will last until noon (theoretically), then we have another hour back home. After some re-organization, perhaps a change of clothes, and a quick animal-care session, we will have another hours' drive to the Big City where some serious computer shopping will occur.

Later in the early evening, the bachelor and bachelorette party will take place. Although they've reserved some hotel rooms for people to stay overnight, Hubs and I (and probably Emily) have decided to come home at some point – probably in the wee hours of the morning. I have enough trouble sleeping in my own bed, let alone a strange one, and the animals will be wanting attention first thing in the morning. Emily claims she has some schoolwork she needs to get on top of on Sunday, so wants to get home at a reasonable time, too. Any more I don't drink much, especially when I am going into surgery so soon, so I will be a designated driver. Hubs will probably be … indulging. They have a party bus lined up to take the guys around. I've been told there are no strippers involved. At least at the men's party. I haven't heard the same about the womens'… could be interesting.

What is going to make tomorrow that much more exciting is the weather. We just got 4-6" of snow, which is really no biggie in the wintertime in Iowa. It should all be cleared by then. However, the wind is to howl and they are talking wind-chills in the negatives… as in -18! You'd think we were in the arctic! As much as I want to bundle up tomorrow, the theme for the bachelorette party is "racing to the alter" (my son races and his bride-to-be is a huge fan). I've heard there will be specially made t-shirts for this event. Needless to say, I will be wearing long underwear and probably a turtleneck (as attractive as they can be...) under that t-shirt! I'm shivering just thinking about it!

Sunday, if I have any energy left after the 'big night', I plan on cleaning my house, doing a bit more laundry, and hopefully getting my new laptop (or at least my old laptop) networked so when I get home from the hospital things will be ready to use from bed and the house will be clean and orderly. It is like going on vacation. I like to come home to a clean house. I'm not going to delude myself into thinking it will stay that way for long and I'm certainly not going to even try to get the Christmas decorations down, but I'm going to take these baby steps to try and at least start out well.

Sooo… anyhoo… *looking around the room*… wow. What a boring post this was.