Well, here we are in the final countdown to surgery. The bachelorette and bachelor parties as well as the wedding shower went off without too many hitches. I'll expand on those later. The house is clean. (Mostly.) The laundry is done. (Mostly.) The computers are networked. The Christmas decorations are still up. (Here you thought I was going to say I got them taken down? Silly people…)

Lists have been made. Instructions have been read and re-read. Nerves come and go. 

I've read all your well-wishes a thousand times and have taken them all to heart.  I appreciate all of them more than you'll know. I anticipate a restless night, a slight case of panic, and the ensuing calm the will follow knowing that all is going to go well and I'm going to come out of this feeling better than I have in months. I look forward to having 'me' back again… 

All my love to my sweet family – all of them I've gotten to have some great conversations with in the past few days. I am and will always be so grateful for having a second chance to get it right. "I'm much better now!" Looking forward to having the energy to enjoy my son's wedding in a few weeks… after, hopefully, several days of blissful sleep! Yes, days and days and days of jammie days! Whoot!

I'll see you all 'on the flip side'… of the operation, of course!