Back at home, a guest post

Hi! I'm Sue's daughter, Em. First off, she wanted me to tell you how much she appreciates all your comments and thoughts. She didn't think she was that popular:)

Her surgery went well, there were some delays getting her in and the procedure took a little longer than planned but there were no problems. She stayed overnight and went through the fun of trying to figure out what pain meds would actually work. Add Fentanyl to her list of fun drugs that have no effect. They finally put her back on Tylenol 3, I think. It seems to be the only thing that works. There was also a mild moment of panic (for me, anyways…she seemed blase about it) when they took her blood sugar late in the evening. It was around 520. Non-diabetic people are under 100, mom usually runs around 220. It got an eyebrow raise out of the nurse and they got her insulin to put it back where it should be. She hadn't been able to take her normal meds so it was expected that it would be wonky. Just not that wonky, I guess. She was able to sleep on and off during the night. This morning she passed the test of brushing her teeth so the physical therapist decided she was good to go. She made it home this afternoon after a less than fun drive home (we just got a ton of snow and the trip was bumpy). She's currently resting surrounded by kitties, with the exception of the one who likes to sleep on her chest. He may be quarantined until he learns the new routine. Her only complaints so far have been the lack of bendy-straws. I resisted the urge to make her demonstrate how she's been managing without them. There was a joke going around about drowning in the moat made by the brace.

So there you have it. She's a little sore but it has yet to affect her sense of humor. She's got her laptop at the ready when she feels up to it. If I know her, she's itching to get up and around. Jammie days are one thing, doctor imposed jammie days are another. Thanks for being there for mom, even if you're miles away in blogland!