Would You Lift My Little Finger for Me?

It was all wonderful. Details and at some point, pictures, to follow. After exhaustive days of preparation to party, then partying, then after-party errands… I thought I was tired. That was until we had to get up at 2 a.m. today to take the happy couple to the airport so they could fly out of the (currently blizzard-ing) ice and snow and below-zero-frigid winter into the sun and sand of Jamaica. Although I came home and went back to bed, it just wasn't enough and I still feel in a fog of sleep depravation. Soon you will get more. Soon.

Mother of the Groom **updated**


It is hard to imagine this day has finally come. Can it really have been almost three weeks since I walked into the hospital? Today is the rehearsal dinner for my youngest childs' wedding and tomorrow is the day he says "I do". I guess I'm a strange mom. I wasn't the one who cried when my kids went off to school, but celebrated it as a huge step forward. I didn't cry when they graduated from high school, either, but rather it seemed to hit me more the first fall I had no one to enroll in school or go get supplies for. Suddenly, fall seemed a tiny bit emptier.

I have been pretty stoic at all the previous weddings as well… oh, my eyes dampened when I got a few mintues alone with each of them before the ceremony, but I've never been one to actually cry during, I'm so focused on all the things going on and wanting to remember each and every little thing.

When they moved out… and in…and out… and in… I was okay with it, knowing I would see them often and talk to them frequently. Probably the worst 'bout of Empty Nest hit when Emily moved out of state. That was a dark time for me. One day she was there, and an hour later she was on her way to Kansas City. But she came back and I'm much older and wiser now and like to think I've adapted a bit better. But I hope I don't get tested on that anytime soon.

Being the mother of the groom is a strange thing. It is such an odd feeling being so "out of the loop". I don't have to worry about flowers or cake or caterers or bridesmaids. I am supposed to worry about the rehearsal dinner, but that is pretty minor, especially with this wedding. This son is the car racer and he and his bride decided they just wanted a low-key bbq dinner in our shop. A friend is cooking and since I've been laid up and can't drive, the bride has been doing most of the running around and taking care of all the details for me. I basically just have to show up!

Because you may be wondering, I did have my doctor appointment yesterday and got my bandages removed and I'm to be "weaning" off the collar. All looks well, and although I still have some stiffness and soreness in my shoulders, that will be addressed with physical therapy and I can tell the operation did make some marked improvement. Emily took me, and of course we had a 90 minute wait followed by a 3 minute consultation with the doctor. What's with that? Anyway…I'm still not allowed to drive until P.T. "clears" me and I don't see them until next week. The numb chin and tongue? He had no clue. Just said we'd keep an eye on it. Whatever. I'm to go back in six weeks for x-rays to follow up. Since it was the first day I'd actually dressed (down a pant size! Whoo!), fixed my hair and put on makeup (yeah, you thought I was scary when I was GREEN) I couldn't believe how exhausted I was when I was finally done and ready to leave the house. That's my main concern about tonight and tomorrow… coming up with the energy to get through. I figure there will be some extra excitement floating around, so I may be able to coast on that.

Still and all… wasn't my son cute? I can't believe he's getting married tomorrow! I'm really proud to be the mother of the groom.

**Update** Go check out Emily's beautiful post today from the sister's perspective.

Adventure Surgery

I've had a lot of time on my hands. Here are a few of the things that have bubbled to the surface.

  • Bendy straws are good an amazing invention.
  • I'm older than I was the last time I had this surgery. I need to undersrtand it's gonna take longer for recovery.
  • I'm okay with it taking longer, as long as recovery is the end product.
  • I'm not sure those last two sentences made sense.
  • I have had the time, yet have not blogged or caught up on my blog reading.
  • I have not been working on my son and daughter-in-law-to-be's wedding sampler.
  • I have not been reading.
  • I have been doing a lot of dozing – not really deep sleeping, just zoning out.
  • Is that Aussie chef cute, or what? I am trying to figure out if his ring is a wedding band or just decoration.
  • I love the DVR. Why did it take me so long to get it?
  • I took my second shower since surgery today. Who knew clean hair could feel soooooo good?
  • My tongue is numb. What's up with that?
  • "Lost" is back. I'm frustrated. I'm used to watching a whole season at a time. This waiting for the next episode is horrid.
  • I go to the doctor on Thursday. I hope he clears me to drive…and can tell me what's up with the tongue.
  • Wanna be supermodels can be crazy…so can wanna be clothing designers…
  • We won't even discuss Britney. I said, no, we won't.
  • The show "Eli Stone" wasn't bad… however, I now have "Faith" stuck in my brain. Thanks.
  • If given the choice of 'cat wine', 'dog skewers', 'deep-fried tarantula' or 'pig testicles'… guess which one I'd pick?
  • Did I mention I've been watching a lot of weird TV lately?

You guys are the best. Thanks for still coming by, even tho' I've been a bit lax… (okay, a lot lax). I've not been responding very well, but am reading each and every comment and appreciate them all. You may have also noticed over on the sidebar that I've been nominated for some Blogger Awards! Isn't that amazing! Considering my competition is Dooce, among others, I haven't a chance in hell of winning, but it sure is a warm fuzzy feeling to be recognized! I'll try to do better to live up to the honor.