Cyberspace, Blogland and Friendship

We've all heard the good, bad and ugly about the internet. We all have personal tales of each as we've gone through this new world of cyberspace… well, maybe not so new now. I remember in high school when they started a computer club and the 'geeks' finally got a programming class added to the curriculum. I couldn't even tell you what language it was, now, if it was Pascal or what, but Basic hadn't been invented yet so I know it wasn't that. As much of a geek or a nerd as I was then, I hated math and being great at math was a requirement, so I never got into the whole computer scene then. To be honest, there were only about four kids out of my 350 person class, so it was pretty elite. Only one of the four was a girl and I just happened to know about the class because she was in my Physics class. That was the extent of my exposure to the internet growing up.

I remember when we got our first Commodore 64 (as an adult) and thought we were really something. The kids were still into their Nintendo and it was a slow move to the computer… but once I was exposed to it I was hooked. I remember the thrill when we moved to a Commodore 128… and then? Then? A PC. A "real" computer.

Over the years the technology has blown me away. I've lost count of the number of computers I've had, desktops and laptops. I work with them on a daily basis and would be lost without one to keep track of the book-keeping side of the farm. The work I do couldn't even be done fifteen years ago – no GPS, no programs tied into the GPS system by computers. Now we take for granted the music, photos, videos, all capabilities of these amazing machines. We keep in touch with old friends, family, loved ones and now… a whole new world of blog friends.

I've spoken before about how my eldest daughter and her husband got me hooked on the online multiple player game "World of Warcraft". I never was very good at the games in the old days of the Commodore, although I liked them. (Okay, I'll admit, I'm still not very good at it but I really do enjoy it…). One of the days I was merrily playing by myself (yes, OCS* exists even in cyberspace) when a short dwarf character asked me if I wanted some help. Seeing as I had gotten myself into a pickle (another technical term) I gratefully agreed and a friendship began. Who knew I was being helped by someone who had played the daylights out of this game and was great at it and allowed me to actually live through a whole sesson. (People who know me joke that I am the queen of the cemetaries of WoW and I tease that I am going to write a travel book about them.) We hooked up with my daughter and eventually got this guy to join into our guild and he became a great asset to the guild and a great friend to all of us who played together.

As more time went by I got to know him better through e-mails and finally by getting him into blogland. As pieces of his life came out he astounded me with his experiences and his generosity and his strong emotions. I've gotten to know his multiple talents, although he surprises me regularily with new ideas and thoughts he comes out with. I don't know if he even realizes his own potential. He sings, plays music and writes songs. He's been a chef and restauranteur by profession. He is the owner (or do they own him?) of two rather independent cats… oh, and he writes. He doesn't show a tenth of his talent on his blog. He has several pages ranging from music to poetry to WoW to cats to stories and on and on… be sure to check out all the pages.

Although he's been generous and sent me a cherry pie now two cherry pies for my birthday, I'm afraid all I've got to offer is this post… I would never send a chef a food item! *Gasp* I offer a friendly hug and a desire for everyone to go check out his site… and I've linked to his book of short stories in the horror genre. Very good stuff. He's got some other things mulling around in his head that I'm trying to get him to put out there for the rest of the world to share in other threads… and sincerely hope he listens to me.

Although I've met some really special people out here…and I hope to showcase each of you ala Hilly's blogger of the month… right now I just want to point to one very special person and say, Happy Birthday Michael! Go check his site out and give him a birthday wish. He deserves it.

If you want to check out his book, you can find it here: Eyes – A Collection of Thirteen Unstable Tales 

*OCS – Only Child Syndrome