A Reasonable Explaination? (a rant)

Becky's post reminded me of something that has bugged me often but came to the surface once more with my sons' recent wedding. Maybe someone can give me a good reason and I can stop being pissed about it whenever it comes up.

My frustration? The food. Specifically, left over food. Case in point: At least 200 people responded they were coming. 200 meals had to be paid for. As with most catering companies, they will do a 'final count' the night of the wedding and if, by their count, you go over the number of meals paid for, you will be billed for the extra meals. That makes perfect sense. I'm not arguing that point. However, as in the case of my sons' wedding, the weather turned crappy and at least one-quarter to one-half of the guest didn't make it, why don't you get the left over food? There is no refund of money… you still have to pay for the original number of meals contracted, so technically in my mind it belongs to the people who paid for it… yet I've never had an experience with this where you were allowed to have the remaining food.

Just in case you were wondering – I'm pretty sure it isn't going to any shelter or charity, either.

Can anyone tell me what's up with this policy?