Brain Blurbs

  • Physically there has been some improvement. Surgery took care of a lot of my pain through the back of my neck and back of shoulders – as well as the shooting arm pains. I've still had some residual pain on the tops of my shoulders and stiffness tied in with pre-operation lack of mobility. This is what I've been going to physical therapy for. I am happy to report there have been small victories in the amount of movement I have and although I still am going to PT and doing my exercises faithfully each day and I can't tell there has been improvement, the numbers don't lie. That makes it worth it, knowing someday I may able to actually scratch my own back again. At the moment, I'm just happy to be able to drive myself to town!
  • Sizzle knows me too well. I realize that going back to work and being happy about it is rather strange to most people, but I actually do like my job and the people I work with and I don't get very stressed this time of year – only in the fall when everything in my life gets crazy from harvest and work and the perfect storm that is fall. Working a few hours a day, or even half a day, or even three days a week, is just ducky with me. It forces me to use my free time a bit more wisely and I tend to get more done and appreciate the 'off' time more. But, as I said, Sizzle knows me… expectations of Jammie Days are always just around the corner!
  • The whole job-hunting-internet thing? Well… to be honest, when I posted that I had already spilled the beans. You have to understand the dynamics of our office, however. There are only four of us (that includes me) that work in the office and although I call one of them "boss", he's really not. He's just the manager of our location. I answer to the company owner who is in another location. I jokingly mentioned the surfing to the manager here – who, for the record – had heard from other people that a certain someone in our office had already been interviewing elsewhere. So… it really wasn't a huge "reveal". Also, for the record, I would never ever have told the big boss. I just don't rat out people like that.
  • On the same subject, I am not able to partition off my computer as it isn't just certain files that must be used but whole programs that only are found on my computer and although we have several computers in the office they aren't networked.
  • Blizzard (the World of Warcraft parent company) have contacted me and asked me to tell them exactly what I lost so they could replace it. Oh, dear. I just asked for money (game money). I can't remember in detail every little thing I had for each character – I had several. I've been able to play with some wonderful contributions from my daughter but it will be nice if I can get reimbursed at least for funds that I lost.
  • I picked the brain of the wonderful Miss Jen and she was so sweet and generous. She knits (man, does she ever knit!) and I asked her for a basic sock pattern… you know, so I could get out of the scarf, afghan, shawl, and baby cap rut. Well she came through almost instantanously! Super Jen! Ta da! Patterns appeared in my inbox and tips came forth in her email. I was so thrilled. Thank you again, Jen! Now, if I can just figure out this four-needle thing. (I have a sinking sensation this task takes coordination… Have I mentioned I'm uncoordinated? Um… yeah…)
  • It is looking like a quiet weekend. Hubs, youngest son, his new wife, and a friend are heading out to Nebraska for a race. I mean, for son to race. I think son and friend were leaving today, Hubs in the morning, and the DIL's dad is going on out to Colorado, so she's riding to Nebraska with him after she gets off work tomorrow. Me? I'm on critter watch. My own, plus son and DIL have a husky, a schnoodle (mutt) and three cats. The cats are self-sufficient but the Husky is their baby and the schnoodle is an out of control pound puppy who never got over most of his bad habits… so they both need a bit of extra attention. At least the weather is supposed to be nice around here until Monday! (Rumors of snow again on Monday… of course!)
  • I may actually get my Christmas decorations down this weekend. Shaddup.