It Can Happen Here

With Hubs out of town to sons' race this weekend, youngest daughter was coming to spend the night and hang out with "old mom". She had a ton of laundry she'd brought home to do and I made lasagne and we settled in to watch some videos we rented. As the evening progressed, one of her friends called and guilted her into going out… since it was the first night of spring break and they'd not seen much of each other. I was okay with that and me and my furry companions played some World of Warcraft until about midnight.

Shortly after 2 a.m. a text message popped in on my phone. I keep my phone next to my bed. I jolted wide awake, the old mantra going through my head "no calls during the night are good". Emily sent a message saying the campus was on lockdown. A few minutes later she called me to tell me there had been a shooter spotted in one of the dorms on campus and the alert had gone out that campus was locked down and you were to stay where ever you were.

Small town Iowa campus… with a shooter.

As we spoke, it was decided I would go down and pick her up. Her friends had left and she wasn't in the best condition to drive. The bar owners said people could stay there, they just had to stop serving them. I went out and around town and came in from a direction that wouldn't be blocked and managed to pick her up without incident. She checked the news this morning and found out the shooter had been aprehended around the same time I'd been picking her up, although she never got any kind of a 'clear' signal (something that may be suggested to the security people). They said he wasn't even a student and somehow was in the dorm that you needed a key card to enter.

Scary. Seriously.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night.