A Little Info, Please

As you can see – over there – I have quite a few sites I like to keep up on. For the past few months, however, I've been pretty lax in my blog reading. It has gotten into the same compartment in my brain as the Christmas decorations. The one that says "maybe tomorrow". Yea Gods! That reminds me of the woman who wouldn't come out of the bathroom. I'm not quite to that point yet!

At any rate, I hear people talking about "feed readers". I'm thinking that is some kind of a thing that tells you when someone posts something new, as opposed to my method which is to just go down the list, open each blog, and search to see what I've missed or if anything has been posted lately. This as most of you know is pretty time consuming, especially when there may be several who don't update daily or weekly… or who have fallen off the planet entirely without letting anyone know. (I hate when that happens!)

So… my question is this. Do you use a feed reader, and if so, which one? How simple is it to use? Is it pretty reliable? (Okay, that's several questions… bite me.) Oh, yeah, and where can I find it? Does it link to my blog in anyway – I mean, is it a plug-in or something stand-alone?

There. I think that's the gist of it all. I thank you in advance. My time management coach thanks you in advance. (If you believe I actually have a time management coach, raise your hand… I'm going to have to slap you now.)