This ‘n That

  • Eldest daughter is on the home stretch. She has a treatment today, three more next week, then is done… as far as we know. The treatments seem to be helping, although the last one on Wednesday was a bit harder on her than they've been. She's seemed more muddled since that one and I stayed with her yesterday at home while her husband went to work and she just seemed 'out of it' all day. In a good mood, but confused and not remembering many things. On wednesday she was supposed to get her treatment at 11 o'clock and due to some back up in the operating rooms, she didn't get her treatment until 2 o'clock. I don't know if that had some effect or not, but hope that doesn't happen again. She isn't allowed to eat prior to the treatment because of the anesthsia, so she had to go all that time without eating. I was teasing her yesterday that at least she didn't remember having to wait! We are still able to find humor in it… you have to or you'd go screaming.
  • Youngest daughter is in pre-finals week. I don't understand why they call it 'dead week'… because they still have to attend classes and all. I thought it meant there were no classes and they could study, but I think it means you go to class AND study and end up dead by the time you are ready to take your finals. So far she's not appeared overly stressed. I hope it all goes well for her. One semester closer to her goals.
  • Youngest son has a birthday tomorrow (will post then) and he's supposed to race on Saturday nights. He wants to take food and drink and cake to the track and share with his race buddies. I've got the grooms' cake from his wedding that has a race car decorating it. It never got cut and I put it in my freezer just for this occasion. Now if the weather will only cooperate!
  • The weather. Oh, lord… what can I say about the weather? Rain. Rain. Rain. Frost. Yeah, frost. Rain. Rain. What a totally screwy spring this has been. Hubs just got into the field a couple of days ago for the first planting and many years they are done by now! More rain expected today, although I think the greater storms we were to get last night may have just missed us. Between the cold and the rains even fields that could have been planted would have just sat there. Keep your fingers crossed a little sun and warmth and dry weather heads our way for awhile and we get these crops in.
  • Still going to physical therapy. Yadda yadda yadda. Same old, same old. Still improving in small incriments at a time. Guess that's the way it's done. If I didn't have proof there was actual improvement, I'd be tempted to just call it a day, but as long as it still seems to be working I guess I'll still keep on.
  • One last thing and I'll get off my soapbox. Something that irritates the hell out of my husband and myself. As most of you know (or if you are new here you may not), my husband is a farmer. A grain farmer. Corn and soybeans. No, not sweet corn. The latest scare going around is about food prices increasing. True, food prices have gone up some and may continue to. It never fails that when they talk about food prices going up it suddenly becomes the farmer's fault. The evil farmer is getting more for his crop and food prices must raise to pay the evil farmer. Up until this year, the price for corn was the same as it was in the 70's. Yeah. Everything else had gone up… all the inputs and living and so forth that the farmer has to pay for went up, but his income stayed the same as it was in the 70's. I wrote about it all before. Right now as you are fretting about that $3.60+ gasoline to put in your car (yes, mine too), we're looking at $4.20+ diesel fuel to put in our tractors, combines, and trucks. (Filling one tractor one time easily costs $800 and to fill the semi-trucks it can be $1000.) The anhydrous ammonia that is used for fertilizer has risen over $400 a ton since last fall! We, too, have the same bills to pay as you do… electricity, groceries, etc., and trust me. We are not the reason that food prices are going up. I just had to say that. Again.