The party actually ended up being nice. Freezing, but nice. I ended up in the house with the MIL, SIL (from out of state), and visiting friends… and both my boys and their spouses came. We had a nice visit, good food, and minimal contact with either the host or hostess. Even the minimal contact was civil, so all was good. We were the last ones to leave and I paid for it the next day by being tired. (Son's race got rained out, so that became a non-issue.)

Saturday I went to my MIL's house and had a lengthy visit with all the out-of-towners. At one point my MIL and SIL left to help return chairs and tables that were borrowed, and the visiting friends and I got a quiet moment. Some enlightenment occurred when the topic of my MIL came up – as this woman has done some traveling with MIL and also sees a different side of her than we do. MIL is generally on her absolutely BEST behavior when she is around this couple and it is frustrating for Hubs and I to see how phoney she can be. Silly me… I should have realized this woman was smart enough to see through the act and although she accepts MIL can be this way, she still is kind enough to tolerate her.

Sunday we made the cemetary run. It was hard. The weather was nice, for the most part. Gloomy and hazy the first half, turning sunny and humid and very warm (almost 90 degrees!) by the end of the day. We kept an eye on the sky, as storms were predicted, but they didn't hit until after we'd gotten home. Youngest daughter went with, as she usually does, and we had some good talks… as we usually do. At one point we were standing next to my mother's gravestone in southern Iowa, having just put out the flowers, when Em made the comment… "How strange to think Martha used to send money every year to  have us put flowers on these stones, and now she's there saying 'hi' in person." It caught me in one of those laughs that borders on a good cry.

Finally, home to pick up a pizza… a hug from Hubs… and settling in to play a little WoW to relax. It wasn't to be. The skies opened up and my i-net went down and I ended up reading a bit, then getting caught up in the news reports of a small town in northern Iowa that was destroyed by a tornado earlier in the evening. Parkersburg residents said the tornado was a mile wide! I guess they aren't sure yet what class of tornado it was, but considering it tossed around semi-trucks and fork-lifts like styrofoam blocks… leveled the high school, and totally obliterated most of the houses, it's probably going to turn out to be a big one. As of last night seven people were dead. They say it just popped up out of nowhere. That's the thing I hate about tornadoes. Hurricanes, you get a lot of warning that they're coming. Tornadoes? Not so much. My heart goes out to those poor people. It pretty well destroyed the town. 

Today is going to be a quiet day, I think. I have tons of laundry to catch up on, some "girlie" things to do (nails, color hair, etc.) and I'm hoping there is a nap in there somewhere. Here's hoping your weekend is going well.