Slice of the Family Reunion

Posted by Sue on June 26, 2008 in Celebrations, Deep Thoughts, Life |

I promised you more. You can have it in slices. For the past few years my mother and father have been gradually going deaf. My husband lost a good part of his hearing many years ago after spending four years cuddled up to the boiler of a ship in the Navy. My father doesn't think […]


Anybody Got a Gun?

Posted by Sue on June 25, 2008 in Deep Thoughts, Neighborly Love, Random Thoughts |

I swear, listening to country music all day is the most depressing thing… make me just want to shoot myself. My office mate needs to find a different station. I may take it out on him.


Monday Musings

Posted by Sue on June 23, 2008 in Deep Thoughts, Life, Random Thoughts |

George Carlin died. I'll always remember the skit he used to do about the four letter words. He was a genius. He'll be missed. Hubs told me last night about the horrific death of Scott Coletta. He was a professional drag racer that had a terrible accident over the weekend. I won't link the video, […]


Mentally Exhausted

Posted by Sue on June 20, 2008 in Deep Thoughts, Life |

My brain hurts. Yesterday I addressed two things that had been on my mind head-on. The first, a visit to a friend that I haven't seen since October. Being the anti-social creature that I am that would not be too big of a surprise… except for the fact she only lives about 3 miles away […]



Posted by Sue on June 16, 2008 in Celebrations, Climate Controls, Life |

I have the coolest kids. Yesterday morning I get a text from youngest daughter: "What are you having for dinner" I replied: "I have a couple of steaks out to cook" She says: "Expect company" Me: "Let me know how many so I can get them out of the freezer" I thought a minute and […]


Why Can’t We Have a Happy Medium?

Posted by Sue on June 11, 2008 in Climate Controls, Life, Random Thoughts |

Tuesday. It was supposed to rain. Guess what? It rained. Wednesday. Dry. Amazing. Today. Rain this morning. Mid-day break, then heavy rain tonight with severe storm threat again. This is a picture of the race track my son usually races at on Saturday nights. They are usually parked behind those signs on the right-hand side. […]



Posted by Sue on June 9, 2008 in Climate Controls |

Today  may actually be a dry day. Not that there is anything dry about any place in this state… only that we may not get rain today. Oh, but there is a 20% chance, so that's why I've left it a question. (Actually is a chance every day this week. Again.) Seems you only have […]



Posted by Sue on June 4, 2008 in Deep Thoughts, Self-exploration |

I have things I need to say to people. Things I want to write to them. My cousin, regarding my Aunt. A very kind man who just retired that changed our lives. A son who moved me to tears with some beautiful words in his Mother's Day card. I have words rattling around in my […]


I Think I Still Have All My Fingers

Posted by Sue on June 3, 2008 in Neighborly Love, Random Thoughts, Wasting Time |

Sunday evening was the first monthly family game night. Picture me, my 10-yr-old grandson, and five 20-to-30-something people (one DIL couldn't make it) around the table playing "spoons". If you have never played this fast-paced card game, whatever you do I don't advise doing it with MY family! I could've lost a limb! Who knew […]


When Your Time is Up…

Posted by Sue on June 1, 2008 in Deep Thoughts, Life |

It really is up. I believe that. Sometimes things happen that are so bizarre, so freaky in nature, that it is the only explanation that makes any sense. The only one we can use to wrap our brain around what has happened. In case you are lost right now, I'll enlighten you. Friday night my […]

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