Watermelon Days Coming to an End

I realize the leaves haven't started turning yet, but around here it is starting to feel like fall. Hubs refuses to let me turn off the a.c. claiming when it is this cold out it isn't running anyway, but in my mind I know it is on and that makes it even chillier in the house. I sat outside on the deck after I got home from work yesterday afternoon and it was actually cool in the shade. I think the high today was to be maybe 80. That's just so strange. We didn't even have any really blistering hot days during the State Fair! That's very bizarre.

I keep hoping it will warm up a bit to help dry off the crops. They were late getting in, late getting going – what with all the rain and cool, cloudy weather we had at the beginning of the season. Now it is time for them to be drying out and getting ready to harvest and they are still looking mighty green to me. I've heard that frost and winter will be late this year… I hope so, as we'll need the extra time.

Still? I feel like I've missed so much of the summer this year being cooped up in the house – or rather, cooped up in the bathroom.

Finally heard back from the doc. We're going to be Ms. Experimental again. This time it is another oral medicine. Januvia. Not supposed to have the side effects. We'll see. I started it this morning. Everyone hold your breath and cross your fingers…

School is back in swing for the old and young kids. Grandson has started middle school – can he really be that old?? Younger daughter is back at college. The streets in town are packed with new college kids wandering around checking out the town and returning students getting settled.

On top of everything else that tells me summer is ending is the official race season where my son races on Saturday nights only has one more regular night race, next weekend. Then the Supernationals start for a week and maybe a special race here or there. Hard to believe the race season has gone so quickly as well.

One of these days my days and nights will be filled with combines and trucks and corn dust and dirty, hungry, tired guys. My workplace will turn into a race against time and my home will make my head spin with activity – making lunches, suppers, and zooming back and forth to the field – somehow mixing that in with my 60 or 70 hour weeks at my "town" job. I'm trying to figure out how to stay sane this year, but I'm probably fighting a losing battle. Once I get behind on my sleep it takes me until Christmas to catch up again. Oh, who am I kidding, more like February.

I'm treasuring every spare minute of quiet I get right now and yeah, I'm going to have a little piece of watermelon.

Back In The Saddle

Today is a normal day. Normal is good. Normal is something we take advantage of. Normal is something we ignore because it is… normal.

I had a normal weekend. I did some errands on Saturday and even went to my sons' race. It felt good to get out, although a bit tiring. I made up for it Sunday and didn't go out. Then again, I rarely go anywhere on Sunday, so it, too, was normal.

Today I was awake at my usual time to let the dogs out…then I went back to bed for awhile. I got up at my normal time. I got ready for work, ate my breakfast, did NOT vomit, and except for a small detour to take the dogs to the groomer… ended up at work at a fairly normal time.

I expect to get off work at a pretty normal time, pick up the dogs from the groomer, and arrive home at my usual time. I don't expect to have to spend any extra time in the toilet today, nor do I expect to feel like I need to all day long. I don't expect to feel exhausted by noon and wiped out by three. I expect to return home a bit more tuckered than I was when I left, but not much. I expect this to be a good day.

My life may be boring to some, but for me… normal works.

Saying No

For over a month I've been torturing myself with a new medicine regime perscribed by my doctor for my diabetes. Yesterday I said "no more".

On Monday I doubled up on the injectible medication, going from 5 mg twice a day to 10 mg twice a day. The fun also doubled. I went from nausea most of the day to out-and-out projectile vomiting, almost immediately. A week of not being able to keep down the simpliest of foods, like saltine crackers, left me weak, depressed, and … oh, yeah, my sugar levels were down, but who cared? I know I certainly didn't. By yesterday I was a mess of muscle soreness, weakness, and frustration.

I called the doctor, of course getting his nurse. After explaining the torture I had been enduring for the last few weeks she agreed with me that maybe this medicine wasn't the right fit for me. I'm still waiting to hear back from the doctor on what the next move is going to be… increase the oral meds? Try a different one? Insulin? I don't know. I only know that I am never going to go back on Byetta again. Ever. I'm taking a stand. I refuse to live like that. That is no life.

What It Is All About

Friday.My house is clean. My garden is weeded (almost entirely). The strawberry shortcakes sit cooling. The strawberries have been cleaned and sliced. The critters are safely ensconced in the bedroom so as not to bother the allergic members of the family.

Fast forward a few hours and the kids, their spouses, and the mother-in-law are all sitting on the deck overlooking the creek. The sun is setting and the temperature is cool, but not cold. Hubs has grilled some chicken drummies and we're all nibbling, drinking, and laughing as the conversation goes from one topic to another, several times overlapping.

If someone would have told me thirty years ago that my life could be like this I would tell them they were crazy. It doesn't get any better than this.

Happy Birthday Hubs… I think I enjoyed it almost more than you did!

Suzy Homemaker

I am not, nor have I ever been, a 'suzy homemaker'.  I think it began when my mother tried to beat it into me by making sure I was up at the butt-crack of dawn every saturday for as far back as I can remember to clean. My areas were… everywhere. I have yet to figure out for sure what it was my mother actually did all day every day when she was home alone. Oh, yeah… I remember. Drink. Have coffee with the neighbor women. Make sure I was where I was supposed to be. (Lest you get all thinking she was a soccer mom for her day, she wasn't. I didn't do extra-curricular activities, except for the one time I went out for a play and band – but I walked to and from those.) 

Saturdays were for dusting, vacuuming, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms (with a toothbrush), scrubbing floors. It still entailed my dog duties of walking, feeding, brushing and cleaning up poo from the yard, as well as weeding in the garden if it was summer or raking in the fall or shoveling in the winter. Laundry day was Monday, so I got off the hook for that on Saturday, at least. I always joked, half in earnest, that I never got to see a Saturday morning cartoon until my kids came along.

I am a sporadic housekeeper. I like a clean house, but haven't the motivation to keep it spotless all the time. I go in spurts… cleaning furiously for a a day or two, then proceeding to 'maintain'. A few times a year I get in what most people call 'spring cleaning' mode, when I actually do windows, closets, drawers, etc., and may throw tons of things away. My husband always hates those times for the mounds of garbage that accumulate for his disposal.

With pets or kids things automatically triple. I no longer have kids at home, but I do have pets… so you can be assured there will be toys to clean up, litterboxes and pens to clean, extra vacuuming, and various little 'messes' here and there.

Why do I bring all this up now? Because I'm taking on the challenge of my filthy, ignored house. I've set a goal for myself to get it back in shape before the party Friday night and it is going to be a task. It's okay, though. At least now, unlike when I was a kid, I'm doing it for me and mine. I'm not doing it because someone else is holding a brick over my head telling me I HAVE to do this… I'm doing it because I really do like my house and want to take care of it. I want it to felt loved and appreciated, because it is. I just wish I had some magic fairy dust or a few of Snow Whites' fairy godmothers to snap things into shape! 

Tired of Bummed Being My Middle Name

Don't know about you, but all this grumping around is getting quite tiresome. So, as a result, we are going to take a moment to look at the bright side:

  • The weather has been pretty good. We've been DAMN lucky with wind and hail storms having JUST missed us – I mean a mile from our fields. Is going to be a really weird fall, tho'. Hubs has already said harvest probably will be starting about a MONTH later than usual. A month. That's going to be strange. Hope winter doesn't decide to come early this year. Could royally screw things. I'm not going to think about that now, tho'… this is a positive post.
  • My medication is getting better. I think. I've made some adjustments in my working habits and at the moment it appears to be helping. For some reason morning is the worst for me so I'm working in the afternoons. I am still getting nauseous after breakfast, but at least the bathroom trips have slowed down and the cramps aren't as bad. Of course, my injectible medication goes up to the regular dosage (2x what it is now) in a little over a week. Keep your fingers crossed it is a easy transition.
  • I'm gradually… very gradually… getting a handle on the weeds in the garden. We've had some choice discussions, weeds and I, but I refuse to just get the Round Up out and nuke 'em. I have standards. I can do this.
  • The house is still a pit, but I have a week to get it into shape before Hubs' birthday on Friday and I am swooped down apon by my children and their spouses. I must say, I am probably more excited about this than Hubs is. I am so excited to get to see my kids. It has been too long. I felt so badly for having missed game night and I really do enjoy my family and love it when we all get together. I'll put on an extra push this week to make the house presentable once again.
  • The Iowa State Fair is in progress, but I just can't get excited about it this year. I love the food and watching the people, but the prices have gone up and I really, really, don't need to eat my way through the fair. Hubs will probably go down Wednesday night for the tractor pull, but I've had my share of those in the past and think I'll let this year go.
  • Anyone who isn't living under a rock knows the Olympics are under way right now as well. There are some Iowa competitors and although I'm not a big Olympic watcher since Mark Spitz won a whole lotta gold in swimming (there, I'm dating myself)… I have been a bit more interested this year in all the hype they've drummed up for a local gymnast Shawn Johnson. She's a firecracker, that's for sure. Good luck to all the U.S.A. Olympiads!

So… how is your summer going?


There haven't been any blog posts lately because there hasn't been much to blog about. This post is no exception. I am still having bouts of sickness, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine. First they started me on the new injectable medication that, combined with my two oral meds, began almost immediately giving me low blood sugar. For those of you who aren't diabetic just imagine a time in your life when you were very sick with flu and were weak, sweating, lightheaded, heart-pounding, shaking… yeah, that's pretty much low blood sugar. It isn't fun. Then the doc stopped all the oral meds and my blood sugar went through the roof. That was a bit better, except I was still experiencing the nausea the injectable can cause.

Finally, a week after being off the oral meds and my blood sugars being so high, the doc started me back on one of my oral meds. Naturally, it is the one that has always caused me the worst side effects when I go on it. Nausea, cramps and frequent trips to the bathroom – if you get my drift. So, now it has been a week of getting used to the oral med again. Ugh.

Now it is Sunday and I am frustrated and disappointed. Today was supposed to be our third family game night. I called it off on Friday, figuring that even if I felt better by today I wouldn't have the energy to get the house in shape after a few weeks of being ignored. My kids are terrific and are all good friends so they are still going to get together and go out to dinner. Still, I feel badly to miss out. I feel like I'm letting everyone down, including myself.

The gardens are weedy, the house is one big dirt ball, and although I've been keeping up with the dishes and the laundry, I just feel things aren't right. I need to be myself again. I need to have energy and willpower and quit having this icky feeling. I want to go back to work, back to being myself. I've never been a huge ball of fire, but I was a whole lot better than this. I wish I would hurry up and get over this so I could get on with my life.