And Yet Another Surprise

If you've been a long-time reader (at least since March) you may have remembered this dilemma. Well, when I came to work yesterday I was greeted by a dark office. This in itself is not unusual, as people are taking vacations this time of year. However, when I walked in and flipped on the light it seemed a bit… empty. My "roommate" had quit.

In discussing it with one of the other guys I work with, he informed me that the quitting had officially taken place on Friday, but that he'd shown up early in the morning to clean out his desk. The music that he'd constantly play and leave on when he left for hours? Gone. Yay! I can go back to listening to my own music tastes, thank-you-very-much.

Also, it was well known in the office that he had been job hunting. I hadn't needed to say a word. I found out that one day when I was gone he'd been looking at some well-known job-hunting site on my computer and left the screen up for the plant manager to see. Tell me he didn't want to be caught! I guess the manager played dumb, just looked at it and said, "Now what dumbass would go and leave a job-hunting screen open on the computer like that?"  After turning whiter than his normal scandanavian complextion had him, I guess he was pretty quiet, but as far as they knew didn't do that one again.

He also applied for a job with the company that my former "roommate" had gone to. He had moved out of state when his brother was killed in an accident to be closer to his family and young nephew. He is still a friend and keeps in touch… so when the "big dummy" (as he is referred to and trust me, it fits) applied for a job with them, former roomate had called to talk to the manager about him. The manager had to be honest and just say he was pretty lazy and it probably wouldn't be a good fit. This was a couple of months ago, so they knew he was continuing to look.

I wish him well, I do. I honestly don't look forward to having someone new to have to "break in". Guess when you've been at a job for nine years there will be some of that, though. It is just part of the whole process. With the fall crunch right around the corner I hope they can find someone good that can step right in and so the job. It is badly needed.

Who said all surprises are bad ones?