Tipped Over

Hey, look, Ma! I learned a new phrase this weekend! "Tipped over"… as in you've had a bit too much to drink. One of my daughter-in-laws (the racer's wife) and her friends were using this over the past week and, on Saturday night, it described me. Why? Because my son (the racer) did awesome in the Supernationals!

I've spoken before about this race, and he's not raced in it for a few years. This year he and his dad (Hubs) decided to go for it and it was a week to remember.

First, some background. The Supernationals are a huge deal. It truly is national. Cars come from all over – including some international ones, Australia usually has a car or two there. I don't know how many cars were there, but over 400 in my sons' class alone (modified stock car). The way it works, is, everyone is trying to get in the big race on Saturday night. All the races leading up to it are to qualify for that race. You start every night being in a heat race (of which there were 40-some). You must win your heat race to qualify for that nights' A-main, which, if you get in the top two of that will be qualified for the Big Race. If you are second place in your heat race, then you qualify to run in that nights' B-main. The way you do in the B-main figures into a points system that determines how you will finally place in what they call the "Last Chance" race on Saturday night – a last chance to get into the Big Race.

Last Sunday Hubs and son took the RV and the car trailer over to the track and got a good spot. Son and dil were staying there through the week. Monday and Tuesday nights were qualifying for the stock car class, so just watching – no racing. Wednesday night was the first qualifying night. I didn't go, but luckily my son drew a pretty early heat race so Hubs was home before midnight. Son won the heat race that night and went into the A-main, where he got spun out so didn't qualify. Son was fine, car was fine. All was good.

Thursday night I went. Son got second in the heat race, so went into that nights' B-main where he also got second place. Again, we lucked out and he had a fairly early heat race so again home fairly early.

Friday I didn't go and it was late. Son drew the 39th heat so didn't even race until about 1 o'clock a.m. It didn't help that we'd had some showers in the evening and the races got pushed back about four hours…  Son won his heat race again and qualified for that nights A-main. He got 10th place that night after starting 17th. Arrggghhh. Hubs got home about 4 a.m.

Saturday night. The Big Race night. I went. By now, things have been weeded down quite a bit and not so many cars are left. He ran in the third heat race and won. Then he ran in the "last chance" race where he got to start on the pole and also won! Now I was stressing… out came the beer. By the time he ran in the Big Race I'd had a few but I wasn't "tipped over" yet. He started 27th and after 40 laps ended up 10th. Not too bad a finish out of 400-some cars that started the week!

I'm so proud of him. We all had fun, he had fun, he was safe, the car ran good, and we came home with a car, a motor, and a driver. (The first four cars that win get their motors auctioned off, and lots of people sell their cars at the Supernationals). Normally, by this time of year we've sold the car so this is a different year. There are some more races that have some good payoffs yet to come this fall, and with harvest being about a month behind there are still some good racing days ahead.

Tipped over? Hell yes, I got tipped over. It was called for!