Pretty blah around here at the moment. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Work should be in full swing by now,but because of the late harvest and an inch of rain we got on Sunday night, there is nothing going on. We're all sitting around twiddling our thumbs looking at each other and mocking the people who are coming in to fill out applications.

Everyone is a bit in shock at the stock market plunge yesterday. Most don't know what it is going to mean, but don't like what it looks like. Me? Call me Pollyanna, but I think it's all going to be okay.

Physical therapy went okay. My PT was a bit surprised to see me back, but when he heard the diagnoses he just nodded and said we had some work ahead of us. He was pleased at the improvement I had made on my own since I'd seen him last (even tho' the doctor thought I wasn't doing very well, the PT had actual measurements to go on). Sadly, the cortizone shots have done nothing. This bums me out more than you know. I was so hoping that it would relieve the pain and figured it would help me push myself harder through the PT. I'm a strange duck. A friend was commenting that he could tolerate a lot of pain, but that he was very sensitive to the medications and they could make him quite loopy. Me? I'm the opposite. I can't tolerate much pain and I appear to be immune to all pain meds. Grrrr. Not fair! You hear me? NOT FAIR. I worked hard yesterday and someone had suggested massage therapy? Well, my PT used some of that as well – really digging into the muscles and trying to loosen them up. He said they actually had been trained by a massage therapist to use the techniques in cases like mine. So much for having to pay someone else! I'm not looking forward to this again, but you gotta do what ya gotta do.