Tuesday…and Counting

Well, hasn't this been a boring blog of late? Sorry. Lots of work tends to do that to a person. I have a couple of quick complaints, however. Yes, I know, you don't see me for a week then I come back whining.

First. I don't like the updated WordPress. As a matter of fact, I hate to say it, but I'm getting pretty damn frustrated with it. I don't know how to do things in it "behind the scenes" and that frustrates me. I'm the kind of person who likes to tweak and fiddle and mess with things to make them just the way I want them. At the moment, I can't even figure out how to put up a freakin' picture! I had a couple of the pumpkin-carving pics I was gonna put up and I realized things had changed since the last time I posted a picture and I don't even know how. Argh.

Second. The election is a week away. Thank God. Will it ever end? The amount of mail we've been receiving is enough to kill 10 forests over. My college student daughter says she gets at least two texts on her cell phone… a DAY. If we didn't have an unlisted home phone number now, I'd hate to think how many calls we'd be getting. The television is stuffing advertisements, commentaries, debates, comic routines, and quickie blurbs on the news at us until you can't turn it on without there being something political on the screen. One of my pet peeves? The amount of money these people go through to try and get our vote. It is mind-boggling. I mean, in all sincerety? I wish they'd just put their information out on the internet where we could all look at it and compare. It would be FREE. Make them spend no money at all. None. Nada. Zilch. I mean, not even their own. With all the people needing money in this country, they should have to turn over any funds "raised" directly to a worthy charity to be distributed to the people who don't have enough money to put gas in their car to get to work or can't keep the food pantry stocked to feed their children.

Last. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for. That's your own personal business. I just encourage you to get out there and do it. You can't bitch about it if you don't.

Back to our regular programming…

Still Here

Yeah. Still here. Busier than… well, you've heard all the jokes. Worked all weekend. Exhaustion hasn't quite kicked in yet, but it is close. Kids all came over Saturday night to carve pumpkins. They brought pumpkins, pizza, and wassail fixin's. Good times. I mainly sat and watched and took a few pictures. When I get them downloaded I'll see if any are postable.

It is fall, for sure.

Modern Medicine **Updated**

We hear about the "miracles" of modern medicine and, yes, there are some amazing things being done in the world of medicine.

…and yet?

Why do we still not have a cure for cancer, MS? For that matter, the common cold?

As I write this we have an aquaintance fighting a losing battle for his life. For several months he's had an "unknown virus". I'm not sure what that means except it has weakened his heart, he has pnueumonia, and was put on dialysis a couple of days ago because his organs are failing.

He's not the only one. A few years ago another friend of the family was in the prestigious Mayo Clinic where he, too, had come down with an "unknown virus" and within six weeks he was dead.

We're faced with super bugs, flesh eating bacteria and doctors who are as confused and helpless as the rest of us.

My heart goes out to this man's family. He is only a few years older than I am. He's married and has children, the youngest of which farms with him and was a school friend of our youngest.

It's never easy.

**Update: He lost his battle last night, Saturday the 17th**

Be Careful What You Wish For

I've worked at my job for going on nine years. When I started, I was just to be part-time seasonal help and was to assist a guy who had a degree in this field. I'm not putting myself down, here, to be sure I can do my job. However, he occasionally would go off on a tangent and do things for farmers that really weren't in the realm of what he should have been doing and was over-reaching a bit. He definately was working outside my comfort zone.

Shortly after I started, he quit, leaving me with the job on a full-time basis. This also left me with more than one headache in the form of farmers that he had been working on these special "outside" projects with.

One such farmer we'll call Bud. Bud was a grouch from day one. He came into the office expecting to see my co-worker and when he found out he'd quit he was completely livid and didn't mince words about it. I had only been here about a month at the time, so wasn't quite ready to have someone blow up at me for something I had nothing to do with. Bud liked to do things his way. It wasn't good enough to have us go take his field samples, nooo… he had to take his own. Then he'd show up with his little diagrams of where they were in his field. Not to mention he had several different diagrams of what he wanted where and how and of course, none of it was GPS'd. It was measured with who-knows-what in the field and he came in with his maps and wanted things done using his diagrams and his measurements. Total pain in the ass, let me tell you. I mean, yeah… it can be done, but when it is the busy season I really don't have the time to spend three or four hours on one field!

The other thing he would do was to come up with his own formulas and he wanted us to plug them into our system and use them to apply his fertilizer. They were in no way usable with our system and would have to be re-worked. Something, I'm sorry to say, is way above my pay grade. Oh, wait. The guy above my pay grade is gone. It is just me.

After a conference with my boss, it was decided I didn't have the time, energy, or to be honest, the knowledge to continue pampering this one customer. Well, he took it badly. No surprise. After that he wouldn't even talk to me. He would look at me like I was the dumbest person on the planet. In a bizarre twist, he went completely the other way… instead of applying his product with variable rate GPS like we normally do, which was only a step away from what he was trying to do in his cobbled up way, he went right back to conventional blanket spreading. That's spreading one rate of product over the whole field whether it needs it or not. Totally backwards.

Bud always came off as being so superior to everyone. He drove me nuts. He had to be in his 60's and I found out he climbed mountains for "fun". The big ones. (Although I laughed because he always had help carrying his gear, I heard.) I would get so frustrated with him that I would often wish he'd just go on one of his trips and fall off the mountain. I know, evil of me, wasn't it?

I found out yesterday that a few months ago he died of a heart attack. Home, sitting in his computer chair. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. *note sarcasm* I know you aren't supposed to speak ill of the dead… but really? When they are such asshats in life, does it help to try and make them sound wonderful in death? I guess I don't think so. Obviously.

So, What’s Up?

Quick update.

  • Drama Queen? The last time I spoke with her, a couple of days ago… her husband had moved back home and was taking her to dinner to "talk". She was planning a big birthday party for him in November. She didn't say whether or not they were going to stay together, was going to see what he had to say. In a bizarre twist, she put a new picture of herself up on our WoW website. A picture in which she appeared to be looking 'sexy'. Not quite sure how to take that.
  • Physical Therapy is on-going and damn… it hurts. I'm trying to be a "big girl" and not whine, snivel or cry when he's torqueing on me, but I'm also letting him work me over harder than I did the last time. Sure wish that stupid cortizone would have worked.
  • Harvest is… limping along. We got an inch of rain night before last and that brought the bean harvest to a screeching halt. The corn STILL isn't dry enough to harvest. Seems to be more work in the northern part of the state so my workload is increasing by leaps and bounds. Don't be surprised if I'm more scarce than usual… this is the busy season for me.
  • In other work-related news. We still are short-handed three people. We interviewed one guy, but he was too much of a clone of the one that was my previous roomie, so we didn't bite. We've had some…uh…real "dandies" applying, let me tell you. On top of the hiring process, which is stressful, we may be hiring someone to help with my particular job. All I need is to be trying to train someone while I'm in the midst of my busy season. Not good. The other way to go that is being discussed is to hire a secretary at our facility. That would be interesting in oh-so-many ways. I'll discuss that later if it comes to be.
  • On top of my "home" jobs, my "farm" job, and my "town" job… I now have something new to complicate my fall. Jury duty! I have been notified I'm on call for the month of November. I remember a few years ago I managed to post-pone it until spring since I'm the only one who does my particular job at my "town" job … and being as it is the busiest time of the year. They did it then, I'm crossing my fingers they do it again. Otherwise? Well, I'd rather not think about it.
  • The weekend birthday party went well. Home made chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes and chili… that was the menu. It was cool enough it really hit the spot. Fall has officially begun when I make chicken and noodles.

As always, I haven't forgotten you all. Just busy. Will try and catch up soon…


Several months ago when my daughters and I decided we would make our own private group on World of Warcraft (called a guild) no one dreamed the drama we would encounter. I ended up being the guild manager (the GM)… only in our guild I'm called the Guild Mother. Plenty of days I feel just like that. The mom. After a few bad experiences with kids (12, 13 yr olds) in the guild, we decided to make it adults only. That has worked out pretty well. Except when the adults don't act like adults.

We've had some personality clashes which have ended up in hurt feelings and people leaving the guild. That was upsetting because we try and stress that unlike some guilds which are very goal-oriented and make work out of it, we want it to be what it is. A Game. We also don't devote 24/7 to it as some people do. Our motto is, "We have a LIFE". We try to maintain perspective.

Sometimes you just can't seem to avoid the drama no matter what you do. Case in point: We have a young married couple who joined soon after we formed the guild. They are both very out-going and were very chatty… basically telling us everything about themselves, how they met (on the i-net), their family (4 boys under the age of 4), and even went so far as to post pictures of the whole family on our guild website. At various times they've popped in with news of a new job… then another new job… then, oh, wait… her hubby got a new job now so she's staying home with the kids. All in the space of a month? That's a lot of job-hopping. They both seemed very open about themselves… volunteering way more info than was necessary much of the time.

A couple of days ago she was online and was talking all about wanting to be pregnant again. She wanted a girl and wouldn't mind trying a few times to get one. A few times? She's already got four boys, under four, and two of them have some medical issues. I am pretty sure they aren't rich as according to her the husband is a disabled vet and the jobs she keeps getting that she thinks are soooo great are at a 1.) truck stop 2.) convenience store and 3.) serving at Cracker Barrell (where they went for their wedding reception dinner – hoo boy). Don't get me wrong. I admire people who do those jobs because someone has to do it and it is a good, honest job. I'm just saying, they are not the types of jobs that will support  how many children? Which brings me to the big question of the day. My daughter asked her how many children she and her husband wanted to have. The answer?


You heard me.

After we finished picking our jaws up off the floor, we listened to her talk about them both wanting to have a big family, all the love, yadda yadda yadda. Keep in mind, this conversation just took place about three days ago.

The kicker?

Yesterday she told me they were getting a divorce.


She "just can't handle it any longer". She's "lonely". (Is because her husband has finally gone out and gotten a job?) She thinks they've grown apart. Um… okay. I didn't ask about the 12 kids. She said her husband thinks the kids should stay with her (of course he does…) and he's going to move out. Her sister is moving in to help her until she gets (another) job and gets on her feet. Oh. My.

Later I was talking to some of the other guild members and it came out that she has been secretly talking to several of the men from the beginning! She's been saying she's lonely and don't they think she's pretty and why don't they come see her in her hometown. YIKES. The ones I've spoken with so far are married and made no secret of that and she still went after them! I'm really stunned. First her and her hubs come on all mushy and stuff… and now I find out she's been doing all this shit on the down low? I mean, good grief.

I can hardly wait to see what happens next…

Call of the Wild

Anyone who thinks the country is quiet needs to come by my house. As I stood outside with the puppies at 5 a.m. I took inventory of all that I could hear.

  • Roosters crowing across the field – in a direction where I didn't realize anyone HAD roosters. Another neighbor has them, but they weren't being vocal yet.
  • Two owls communicating with each other
  • A dog (coyote?) howling
  • A dog barking
  • Frogs
  • A train off in the distance

We won't mention the TV that Hubs had turned up waaay too loud (again) in the other room that I could hear after I went back to bed…