Several months ago when my daughters and I decided we would make our own private group on World of Warcraft (called a guild) no one dreamed the drama we would encounter. I ended up being the guild manager (the GM)… only in our guild I'm called the Guild Mother. Plenty of days I feel just like that. The mom. After a few bad experiences with kids (12, 13 yr olds) in the guild, we decided to make it adults only. That has worked out pretty well. Except when the adults don't act like adults.

We've had some personality clashes which have ended up in hurt feelings and people leaving the guild. That was upsetting because we try and stress that unlike some guilds which are very goal-oriented and make work out of it, we want it to be what it is. A Game. We also don't devote 24/7 to it as some people do. Our motto is, "We have a LIFE". We try to maintain perspective.

Sometimes you just can't seem to avoid the drama no matter what you do. Case in point: We have a young married couple who joined soon after we formed the guild. They are both very out-going and were very chatty… basically telling us everything about themselves, how they met (on the i-net), their family (4 boys under the age of 4), and even went so far as to post pictures of the whole family on our guild website. At various times they've popped in with news of a new job… then another new job… then, oh, wait… her hubby got a new job now so she's staying home with the kids. All in the space of a month? That's a lot of job-hopping. They both seemed very open about themselves… volunteering way more info than was necessary much of the time.

A couple of days ago she was online and was talking all about wanting to be pregnant again. She wanted a girl and wouldn't mind trying a few times to get one. A few times? She's already got four boys, under four, and two of them have some medical issues. I am pretty sure they aren't rich as according to her the husband is a disabled vet and the jobs she keeps getting that she thinks are soooo great are at a 1.) truck stop 2.) convenience store and 3.) serving at Cracker Barrell (where they went for their wedding reception dinner – hoo boy). Don't get me wrong. I admire people who do those jobs because someone has to do it and it is a good, honest job. I'm just saying, they are not the types of jobs that will support  how many children? Which brings me to the big question of the day. My daughter asked her how many children she and her husband wanted to have. The answer?


You heard me.

After we finished picking our jaws up off the floor, we listened to her talk about them both wanting to have a big family, all the love, yadda yadda yadda. Keep in mind, this conversation just took place about three days ago.

The kicker?

Yesterday she told me they were getting a divorce.


She "just can't handle it any longer". She's "lonely". (Is because her husband has finally gone out and gotten a job?) She thinks they've grown apart. Um… okay. I didn't ask about the 12 kids. She said her husband thinks the kids should stay with her (of course he does…) and he's going to move out. Her sister is moving in to help her until she gets (another) job and gets on her feet. Oh. My.

Later I was talking to some of the other guild members and it came out that she has been secretly talking to several of the men from the beginning! She's been saying she's lonely and don't they think she's pretty and why don't they come see her in her hometown. YIKES. The ones I've spoken with so far are married and made no secret of that and she still went after them! I'm really stunned. First her and her hubs come on all mushy and stuff… and now I find out she's been doing all this shit on the down low? I mean, good grief.

I can hardly wait to see what happens next…