Dad passed away at about 9:30 yesterday morning. We were still at home, getting ready to go visit a mortuary to make arrangements, then we were going to the hospice. I got the call and had to break the news to mom. Hard, but in many ways not as difficult as making the decision to put him in the hospice. He went peacefully, with the hospice workers around him – talking to him and cleaning him for the day.

I can't say enough good things about the hospice and the staff there. What a blessing to have a place like that and people around who can do those things. I'm not sure I would ever be strong enough to do something like that. I'm glad there are people who do.

His wishes were to be cremated, so that's what we're doing. He didn't want any kind of service, so we're considering just having family in for a "celebration of life" … maybe in a week or two when the weather straightens out. We have tons of snow, more to come, yesterday blizzard conditions, and the high is below zero for the week. Think we'll wait a bit… he won't mind.

Thank you everyone for your support. It's been so comforting.