Ready for a Jammie Day

It's been a long winter.

I finally "moved back home" from my parent's house on Sunday. I had been living with my mom for two weeks. This week I've been driving the 40 miles from home and mom's daily, trying to take care of business things, household things, taking her to the doctor, grocery, etc.

Interestingly enough, I'm finding that my "perfect" dad wasn't quite so perfect. He was an accountant his whole life – working for the state most of his career. He always took care of all the finances and did the taxes and kept my mother in the dark on most of it. After going through their bookwork I was surprised to find four payments to one of my mother's magazines… two months apart. She's now paid up through 2015. We got that cancelled, refund coming. She says she only wrote the checks when dad told her to. His handwriting had gotten so bad that he didn't write checks and if they were needed he'd have her write them. However, I've found a few that he wrote. For the most part they have everything automatically deposited and automatically withdrawn, so that was a relief. Also found some deposits that were just in the bank records as "deposit", so when we go to the bank to get things taken care of there we will try and find out what those were. For an accountant he kept shoddier records than I'd expected.

It took a lot of phone calls to get things switched to her name, but most went smoothly. Still waiting on the death certificates to come to take care of some business that requires them (such as the bank), but expect them any day now.

I'm 'weaning' mom off by only going to her house three times next week (that's the plan, anyway). I'm looking forward to being home this weekend. All weekend.

I'm declaring a jammie day. Hell, maybe even a jammie weekend! Just try and stop me….