Not Exactly What I Had In Mind

Jammie day / weekend didn't turn out exactly how I planned. My daughter pointed out that I have been so long without a jammie day I may have forgotten the rules!!

Jammie Day Rules

  1. Stay in jammies or comfortable clothing, preferably clothing you wouldn't be caught dead on the street in.
  2. Don't shower or bathe unless it is a relaxing bubble bath or sauna.
  3. Don't wash your hair. Combing or brushing is allowed if it makes you feel better.
  4. Brushing teeth is allowed, flossing is not
  5. Junk food aka comfort food is required (jammie day calories are always zero – the happiness cancels them out)
  6. Activities must be something stress-free
  7. You do not leave the house. The exception is if you are in your own yard. You must not leave the property, however.

What did I do? I not only showered, I actually did "stuff". I cleaned out a linen / junk closet in my bathroom. I organized my makeup drawer. I did some laundry. I cleaned a bit.

On Sunday I not even showered, but dressed and put on makeup as we met the kids at a local restaurant for lunch. I can't really even consider Sunday as being a jammie day because of that. It definately broke several rules, especially number 7.

I am so ashamed. I promise the next jammie day I get I will do better. I realize I have many blogs to catch up on. Maybe that's what I'll do next jammie day. In my bed. In my jammies. Unshowered. Catch you then.