Big Brother

Something happened recently to some friends of ours that got me a bit riled up. Of course, I'm going to share it… I want to see if I'm just over-reacting or if you agree with me that the people in this situation went way out of bounds in their "job".

We have some friends who had a chocolate lab dog stray show up at their door. It was in fairly tough shape, and they took it in and bathed it, fed it, and took care of it for a few days. Once they got it cleaned up they could tell she'd recently had puppies and she was really dehydrated (my friend is a nurse and recognized the signs). They took good care of her and they were getting attached – as was their small child.

Being good people, they started worrying that there may be someone missing her. They called the animal rescue league to see if anyone had reported her missing. They told then no one had, and ended the conversation.

A few hours later my friend took her child and went to the grocery store. When she returned, she found the animal rescue league people had come to their home and taken the dog! No, my friends had not given them their address – they got it off of their caller ID! No, they didn't TELL the ARL to come get the dog. As a matter of fact, they were thinking they liked her so much they'd keep her if there was no owner to claim her. Did the ARL think to ASK them? No. They just looked up their address, came to their home, and took the dog off their property!

Am I over-reacting to be totally pissed about this? What do you think?

In other happier news… it's Michael's birthday! Happy Birthday, friend!

This ‘n That

Not much exiting to report.

  • Mom has had no more phone calls. I'm hoping that was the end of it. I think she'll be more careful from now on.
  • I got a new 'puter. I'm like a little kid. I love me a new 'puter (okay, like a lot…. don't love something that can't love you back.)
  • New 'puters are nice, but they take a lot of work to get all your stuff transferred, programs installed, and then because I'm selling my old one, getting it all cleaned off to sell. It was a weekend full of 'puter stuff.
  • I've had this cold for, what? Two weeks? Getting sick of being sick. I guess I am just lucky it didn't hit when my parents were in the hospital. Maybe that was mind over matter?
  • Sounds like there have been lots of relationship issues in blogosphere. My head is spinning with it all. I really, REALLY need to catchup one of these days.
  • Speaking of which, where does the time go? I've barely been working, I've hardly been on World of Warcraft, I haven't been blogging, I swear… the time is just getting away from me!
  • Thank for stopping by. One of these days I'll (hopefully) get more interesting. Undecided

Learning Curve

Mom called me last night and said she was almost afraid to answer the phone. She said a man called her earlier in the evening, irate, and demanded to know who he was speaking to. She gave her sirname, then he said that a man from her number (home, landline) had been calling his cell phone over and over and he was sick of it. He insisted this was the number. I said, "Mom, you didn't say there was no man there, did you?"… she responded, "No, but I told him there had been no man here this week."  Doh.

He proceeded to tell her if anyone called her from that number again he would be calling back.

Well, I did what any good daughter would do. I called the police. I mean, the obit was in the paper. The phone number is in the book (along with her address, of course). They are going to make extra trips through her neighborhood and she's to call them back immediately if he calls again. No, she doesn't have caller ID (like Hubs said, it would probably be blocked anyway). I did suggest to her that if he was legitimate he would be willing to give her his number and to ask him for it politely. Tell him you are going to check with the phone company to see if there is a wiring problem or something, but to never, ever, ever, let a stranger know you are there alone.

She's an easy target. She's elderly, rather weak, and she goes out with her dog at all hours of the night and day. Anyone watching her would find her easy prey, I'm afraid.

I swear… you just get your kids grown and think you've got them to where they can take care of themselves, then you get to start all over again… with your parents.

Where Has the Time Gone?

I swear, it was just Thanksgiving!!

This winter has gone fast… and slow. You know what I mean. I feel some days like I'm going a hundred miles an hour, but failing to get anywhere.

Mom is doing okay. She's more stable than she was, now that she's off the pain meds, and has put her foot down that she will not go back to her medical doctor. The one who noticed the memory and alchohol issues. Go figure. Not sure how that's all going to work out when and if she gets worse, but for now she seems to be doing okay. About a week ago I noticed the wine bottle go back into the frig and it's gone down to nothing, but as long as she's not driving, not on pain pills, and she IS an adult (yes, yes, she is…) I'm just going to ignore it. Having her dog home to take care of has helped. It has been good company for her.

I have finally gotten in some jammie days. Imposed by illness, as it were… but still. A jammie day is a jammie day no matter how you can get it. I had a cold that I fought for a few days last week but think I'm on the mend now.

I even logged into World of Warcraft over the weekend. First time in over a month. That was a shock. Suprised they even remembered me. I am the leader of the guild, but that doesn't mean much if people get a wild hair to leave. I'm just lucky I have such a good supportive group.

I see my comments and traffic around here has slowed way up as well. Sorry. I guess it is hard to hold people's attention when you are as boring as I have been…  for those of you still coming, thank you. I would say it is my New Years' resolution to do better at blogging and visiting others blogs, but hell… it is February and I'm not sure how that would work. I believe the expiration date on resolutions is long past.

On a happy note, today is my youngest son and his brides' one year wedding anniversary. Hard to believe it was only a year ago that I had gotten out of my neck brace from my back surgery and gussied up to go to their wedding. A lot can happen in a year, can't it?

Now, for those of you who are still coming around I have a favor to ask. I don't know how I'm ever going to catch up on your blogs and all I've missed, so why don't you just tell me the highlights of, say, your last six months? Help me catch up that way…? It would be much appreciated and I can feel like I'm not quite so in the dark. Pretty please?