Some Day I’d Like To…

….kick some virus-trojan-spyware-malware creator creep's ass up between his/her ears.

I've just spent days… DAYS… trying to get something called Hacktool.Rootkit off my computer at work. It was a stinker. My anti-virus would keep catching it, and saying it was deleted, but that I needed to reboot to get rid of it altogether. Then when I would reboot, it would find it and catch it again. We (the tech support people at my company and myself) tried 101 different ways to get rid of it. Finally, we were able to get an updated copy of our Norton that would kill it for good.

Oh… and after I kick the ass of the person who creates these things, I would kick the ass of the guys in my office who get on my computer when I'm not there and surf the net, picking UP this shit. Grrrrr….