Saying Goodbye

Closure. Isn't that what they call it when you finally can lay to rest all those feelings you've had since someone dies? I guess that's what we have now. Closure. Yesterday we had a memorial service for my dad. It was low-key. Mainly family and a few close friends of my folks. We just had it at mom's house and although my cousin who is a minister did say a few words, for the most part it was just visiting, eating, and remembering. One of my dad's sisters had made a video of some old pictures of Dad and me from when I was little… pictures that my grandmother and grandfather had (they are both gone). Some I had seen, some I had not.

There were tears and laughter. Lots of hugs. Promises to keep in touch.

I still have very mixed feelings about my dad. My cousin made a not-so-subtle hint of that in his words. Something about remembering the good and letting the bad go. Yeah. Easier said than done sometimes. I hope one day I will be able to remember some more good things. Until then, I'll just try not to remember the bad and instead remember the lovely day we had with family and friends.