Where has the time gone? It seems to be flying by, but nothing is really consuming my time in an all-encompassing manner. Hrm…

Spring has kinda sprung. Hubs has been planting corn up until a few days ago when some rain brought things to a short halt. Now he's back at it again, until it rains again possibly today or tomorrow. I've got my new veggie garden area staked out and have nuked the grass growing there. Waiting for the death of said grass before I can rototill up the plot and get is all planted. I also nuked some weeds in the flower beds. Taking the easy road. Sooner or later I'm going to have to actually go out there and get down on my knees and do some digging and pulling.

Work is sporadic, depending on the weather. I have just enough to keep me busy… oh… for about half a day. Then I'm off to do other things. You know, like contemplate my garden. Contemplate being the operative word.

My mother has been doing well. She's started going to the local senior center and is doing exercises there and eating  a nice lunch two or three times a week. She's still befuddled by her finances, but I try and go down to see here every week or so and help out. We finally went to a lawyer to try and figure out what is going on with the life insurance company. They're being assholes. I do not say that lightly. They tried to pay off on my dad's policy, but didn't pay the accidental death portion. No clue why. It states on the death certificate that it was caused by a 'ground level fall'… and as Hubs has said, "He didn't throw himself down on the garage floor on purpose." The bad thing is, they won't TELL us why they won't pay. So, we bring in the lawyer and see where that gets us.

My daughter isn't doing as well. They've been changing her meds again and starting this week she's on another new one. She's not been hospitalized again, but has been home for a couple of months and says although she's not actively thinking of suicide she's been having dreams of it. Her husband has been home with her and keeping a close eye on her. She tells me they're trying this other medicine for a month and if no improvement then they'll be considering the ECT treatments again as well as continuing a maintenace plan of ECT treatments. As well as they worked for her, I'm really disappointed they didn't help her for very long.

Everyone else in the family is well and I'm very glad of that. My 'baby' turned 26 on Sunday and we took a cake to the racetrack on Saturday night to share with all his race buddies. Sunday the kids and their spouses came over and we had dinner and a nice visit. It was warm enough to sit out on the deck and *surprise* the neighbor was not shooting his guns. Is hard to believe the youngest one of the family is so old. I mean, I'm not getting any older… right?

Today I've got an appointment with a dermatologist. I've never ever seen one, but guess there are always firsts. I'm extremely fair skinned and over the years have had my share of bad sunburns. Especially as a kid. A few years ago I had a spot taken off my back that they then said was "pre-cancerous"… and although I have lots of freckles and a few moles, their fairly light. Well, I have had a mole on my arm that seems to want to be a bigger odd-shaped thing and has decided to grow. I figure it is worth it to get it checked out. The worst it will be is a false alarm, but don't want to risk it. I want to be around a long time. I'll let you know what I find.

So… that's about the wrap up for now. Anything new in your world I should know about?