Don't be. Just because this is the second post in a week it is nothing to be excited about. Trust me.

I got to work this morning and found a note on my desk: Thursday, 7:00. Underneath were two packages of earplugs. Have I mentioned my neighbor shoots guns at all hours? Did I also mention I found out my new co-worker (the one with 101 strikes against him) is a friend of this neighbor? That he is one of the shooters? Yeah. Make that 102 strikes against him. He tells me they met at a "Pheasants Forever" meeting. I accept that is a worthy organization and I also am not against hunting. (Just to be clear.) However, I am against practice shooting until the moon is high in the sky and all reasonable people are in bed trying to sleep. My co-worker tells me that their monthly shooting meetings only last about 90 minutes. Huh. He then tells me that the neighbor "likes his beer"… and is probably what explains the extended shooting sprees. Great. All I needed to hear. He's got a gun AND he's drunk. I try to tell co-worker my point of view, that if he really did only do it for 90 minutes – hell, for three hours even – I would be fine with it. If he did it during daylight hours and if he didn't shoot toward our house! I mean, the guy has about 80 acres of farm ground he could shoot toward to the south of his house that has no buildings, nothing to hit. My co-worker says, "he doesn't own that". Well, no, but he doesn't own the land he's shooting toward now, either. Some of it, yes, but most of it is ours. My co-worker says, "He shoots to the north-east now". Uh huh. That is still toward our house and our land. I used to like walking out in the timber and along the creek, but with my gun-happy neighbor "practicing" at all hours with no rhyme or reason, there is no way I feel safe going out there. Can I repeat again… they're moving! WHOOOOOT!

Update on the dermatologist. It was nothing. I forget what she called it but it is harmless. Always nice to know.

Okay. Back to your lives. Don't expect another post tomorrow. I mean, it could happen… but…