Frustration is the word of the day. It has been "one of those days" …and it isn't even half over yet! It started yesterday when I began having 'twinges' that I might be getting a bladder infection. (Sorry, maybe TMI). My day went downhill when a water main at work had to be fixed and they shut off the water to our office. Our office is in the middle of the country. I work with a bunch of men. Need I say more?

The water was to be fixed today. I began my morning being told it was fixed and proceeded to chug cranberry juice and water… only to be notified about 10 minutes later that there was a problem and, no, it wasn't really fixed. Arrggghhh.

Unfortunately, even though we're in the country, we are still on a busy highway and there is a lot of truck traffic in and around my workplace….and no vegitation, otherwise I might be tempted to "go natural". You know, like camping. Damn. Sometimes it sucks to be female.