He Could Break a Stainless Steel Ball with a Glass Hammer*

Yesterday was not a good day in my husbands' world. As most of you know we farm. The weather has been very uncooperative this fall getting the harvest done and yesterday was one of the few nice days they've had to work on it. This week and for a couple more, my brother-in-law has taken vacation to come out and help.

He managed… how, we have yet to figure out… to drive off the edge of a drive-over auger with a fully loaded semi-truck and somehow he tore a drive-tire and ripped off part of a fender. The kicker? He's a professional semi-truck driver.

We're looking at $500 tires, who-knows-how-much for the fender repair, plus the time and labor put into the repairs. It took hours yesterday just to get the tire off and a temporary replacement put on – just to get the truck unloaded! Today it is raining, so they'll hopefully have time to get the tired replaced the right way, but the fender has been patched back together and it will probably be a much lengthier process to get it fixed when harvest is over.

Part of it is that my hubs is very particular about his vehicles. He is one of the rare farmers who wants his equipment clean and looking good and he takes a lot of pride in being noticed for having nice equipment when he pulls into the grain elevator. So this has him really bothered. Not just for the expense (which, BIL may find missing from his final paycheck) but the esthetics of it all. Plus, they really did not have the time to be messing with that yesterday when conditions were right for harvesting.

Oh, and then the last thing Hubs found out about last night? The combine has been running for two days without a fuel cap. Who was the last person to fuel it up? Guess.

*This is a line my father-in-law used to use when talking about his youngest boy, said brother-in-law.