Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

I'm living in a friggin' Disney movie. Snow White, I think.

I live in the country, surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans and some timber. Timber runs behind my house and along the creek which also runs behind my house. I've spoken before about the deer in the yard, the deer hitting my car, the various critters that come and go through the property.

A couple of days ago I was on my way to work at the butt-crack of dawn (one of my Hubs' colorful phrases). It was barely getting light out so I was driving slowly so as not to hit another one of those roaming deer. I had just gone across the little bridge that goes over the creek, when a huge shadow flew up almost hitting the corner of my car windshied. Of course, I freaked… then realized as it slowly glided in front of me down the road it was a great blue heron. I've seen them flying across the yard before, but never so close. Those things are huge!

Then on Monday I was once again going to work slowly in the pre-dawn hours when I saw a small fawn going across the road in front of me. I practically stopped, waiting for more to appear – there are usually more than one. Waiting… waiting… but it wasn't a deer that appeared, but a big fat raccoon! Followed right in the deers' path across the road.  I called Hubs and told him I was just waiting for the rest of the forest creatures to come ambling out. I swear, I felt just like Snow White!

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15 thoughts on “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!”

  1. You encountered a blue heron, how lucky you are!
    My book about the shamanistic messages of birds says that Heron used to be the familiar of bards and poets in ancient times. Anna Franklin writes:”He may be telling you that you might find answers in something you are reading or that you will find value in writing, either making things clearer to yourself or passing on what you have learned.”
    No wonder that you are writing new posts on your blog every day and are drawing a high number of visitors. I enjoy reading what you write and am learning from you.

  2. Ah yes the legend of Big Rocky.

    His body would fill a room
    He was a mountain of a racoon
    Beware of Big Rocky Walker
    They called him “the Deer Stalker”

  3. While the Great Blue Heron has only made one appearance at our house–that we know of–the deer, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and birds of various sizes are regular visitors to our little part of the world. I never thought of it as being ‘Snow White in the city’ before. 🙂 As long as you DON’T hit any of them with your vehicle, the parade is fun to watch.

  4. We have deer coming into, and through, our backyard all the time, and we are nowhere near the country. There are lots of trees, though, all up and down the expanse of yards on the block. When we sit outside, it is very much a park-like setting.

    I think they probably come to drink from the bird-bath, and they also ate the flowers from our plants.

    Oh, and I forgot about the tomatoes…they ate the tops from the plants, which we had planted in huge pots, next to the patio, until we put a mesh-covered frame over them. We still have an abundance of tomatoes, though…we didn’t mind sharing. 🙂

  5. Hey, awesome!!

    So didn’t Sleeping Beauty sing and cavort with the woodland creatures as well?

    And Cinderella was able to convince mice and other household vermin to do some dress alterations for her before the Prince’s ball.

  6. One time, my father and I were driving my grandmother to church. She had retired to the country, and my grandfather had passed. Hence our driving her to church. The woman could NOT drive. She drove 85 miles an hour, and was scary as hell.

    Anyhoo, as we were driving down our country road, about 55 MPH, a buzzard flew over the windshield. It came so close that it dropped whatever dead crap it had in its mouth on our windshield. After freaking out for two seconds, suddenly, this horrific stench started to emanate from the air conditioning vents.

    It got worse. Then it got worse. Then it got to a point where we were all going to throw up. We rolled down the windows, hanging our heads out, but the stench spewed off the windshield toward the outside of the car. We were trapped. I thought I was going to die.

    About 15 minutes later, we were able to get to the closest gas station. That was the longest 15 minutes of my life, since I have never pushed a watermelon out of my coochie.

    Now, I have hit my fair share of deer in my lifetime, since Austin has more deer than we know what to do with; both in the city, and in the country. But in my life, I never thought I would hit a buzzard, have it’s mouth drop putrid pieces of dead whatever, and me having to suffocate to death on the fumes of the dead.

    Can you imagine that headline? Woman dies from stench of dead . Buzzard arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter. Buzzard pleads guilty and is to be sent to the alternative wildlife habitat for repeat offenders.

  7. Sorry to be blunt, but as I’ve herad time and time before, and recently came to the harsh realization myself, life is not a Disney movie. Happy coincidence, yes. Those happen. Several species of animal parading along as best of friends, not in this reality. Of course, I may just be having a few internal struggles and having a rough month with the start of a new school year full of new challenges. I’m in the midst of a crisis of faith: I used to believe I knew what I was doing with my life.

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