She Is A Sneaky Bitch

Drama. She is now picking on my family.*

Background. My new daughter-in-law (DIL) is just a sweetheart. Too much so, some would say. She is so sweet on first impression you almost think she's fake because, honestly, can anyone really be that sweet? That nice? I doubted it until I met this girl. She made a believer out of me. There really are people this nice in the world.

DIL works for a very large company. (I apologize for being extremely vague in this post but I want to get some frustration aired but really don't want to get anyone "dooced", if you get my drift.) She's doing quiet well for herself and we're all very proud of her. Being the generous spirit she is, when a friend of a friend mentions she is job hunting (we'll call her Twink, just for fun) DIL immediately mentions her company has job openings and encourages her to apply. A short time goes by and another friend of Twink who works at the same company (we'll call this friend Betty) also encourages her to apply for a job there.

One day DIL is minding her own business and happens to run into Twink at the office. She inquires what it is that Twink is doing there and when she finds out she's come to apply for a job, she offers to help her right then and there. DIL does some leg work, gets Twink an interview with her own boss, and subsequently Twink ends up with a different job than she originally was applying for  – at almost twice the salary! Happy happy! Joy joy! All was right with the world!

Six months go by. Big company has a policy that if someone you recommend for a job stays in the job for at least 6 months,  you will get a $1000 bonus. (No small peanuts, eh?) DIL is excited to know Twink is coming up on her 6 months. Twink submits the paperwork that she must instigate for the bonus to be awarded. The boss must sign off on this paperwork, also. But what is this? Twink has said Betty recommended her for the job? WTF? To their credit, the boss has sharp eyes and a keen sense of right and wrong and knows this is not true. The boss brings this to DIL's attention and tries to find out what is going on. DIL doesn't know, so asks Twink. Twink responds that "Betty told me to apply". Of course, DIL is sweet – but she is not stupid – responds "But I was the one who helped you get the job you have now, not the job you were originally applying for." At which time Twink has the nerve to say, "Well, that's because I'm just that good."

Excuse me while I gag.

The boss refuses to pay Betty the bonus because the boss knows it should belong to DIL. Twink refuses to put DIL's name on the paperwork. Therefore, no one gets any money.

It gets better. Now Twink is bad-mouthing DIL every chance she gets. So far, it has only been a couple of mumblings under her breath at work, but the grapevine has it that she went out drinking last weekend at an after-hours company function and said she was going to "Try and find some dirt on that bitch DIL and try to get her fired". People that were at this gathering have been coming up to DIL this week to tell her all about it. Now DIL is very upset because she knows she did nothing wrong but feels terrible that all this drama is taking place.

In discussing this it has come up that Twink has recently lost some good friends due to her tendency to drama. She has been known to drink heavily when they go out, and at one time even claimed she'd been 'roofied' when, in fact, she was with her girlfriends the whole time but simply drank too much to know what the hell she was doing. It has also become clear that she isn't quite the 'good worker' she thinks she is, so it may become a non-issue if she keeps, how shall we say, "shitting in her nest" and ends up getting fired herself.

I told my son to tell her, as did he, that she is a good worker and as much as possible to keep this out of the workplace and to stay professional and that it sounds to me if Twink continues this path she's sure to "step on her dick" (clarifying that this would be appropriate if she were a man, but sometimes there aren't the words to equal for a woman so you just go with the visual that fits). This may all be taken out of DIL's hands by nature. The survival of the fittest, if you will. Still and all? I just don't understand how someone as sweet as DIL can get such a backlash from someone like Twink who obviously didn't appreciate a good thing when it came knocking. Criminy.

 * This has nothing to do with persons formerly known as Heather or Thelma.

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22 thoughts on “She Is A Sneaky Bitch”

  1. When she told me about this, I was amazed. She seems to have the worst luck with other people. It’s like her super nice-ness attracts the most evil people. Hopefully, karma will kick in one of these days.

  2. The good news is, DIL won’t be associated to Twink by the recommendation when Twink gets fired. I rarely recommend people for jobs because my reputation is on the line. I have to have worked with them for a few years, at least, before I am willing to consider them for the job. That includes friends and family both.

    Companies, intending well, offer these bonuses because they have a bunch of positions to fill. It’s a generous thing on their part, and they do mean well. But you will find that the situation is more common than you would think. It’s unfortunate, because the company is genuinely trying to fill more positions than they have applicants, and want to reward their employees for bringing quality people into the workplace.

    Unfortunately, I think that companies should suspend this type of compensation because of the incident that your DIL is experiencing. I have experienced the same, and have seen at least three of my friends go through the same.

    Bottom line; DIL probably thought Twink was a great fit for the company. She probably never had a bad experience with Twink, and thought her work ethic and skills would be a great fit. But, because of my experience that has jaded me, like I said before, I rarely recommend people for positions. I honestly have to have worked with them for a number of years; seeing them through the bad, the stressful, the tough and the good.

    Maybe it’s a little tougher for me, since the industries in which I have worked become smaller and smaller in terms of who-knows-who as I rise through the ranks, and any reputation issues proliferate through the higher ranks at all of my client companies. Either way, this is a lesson for your DIL. I hope she does not become jaded and dissolusioned like I have, but it’s another notch on her belt in the world of corporate. Trust me; she will earn many, many more as she goes along.

    Wait until a Director level or above person uses her for confidential information, then “accidentally” distributes that information to the parties involved, and doesn’t back that person, even privately, and make it worth her while that he/she ruined your DIL’s reputation throughout the entire company (which is 3000 people, and trust me, 3000 people becomes a small group when your reputation is on the line).

    Now THAT’S lesson that no one should have to learn; but it was a turning point in my career.

  3. Twink reminds me so much of my neighbor, The Spider.

    I wonder if DIL works for the same company I work for, as our referral bonuses are the same.

  4. People like Twink prey on people like DIL because they wrongly associate kindness with weakness and that is often their undoing.

    Twink shows all the signs of self absorbed inadequacey common to lazy irresponsible people.

    If Twink cannot rely on looks or personality to substitute for vitue, then she will fall back on lies and misdirection and never stand personlly accountable. A dangerous mix in the work place. It is good your DIL has learned this about her friend now before something more came to risk.

  5. I think that this kind of behavior is getting to be the norm in most workplaces.

    My husband is always telling me about someone trying to throw someone else, “under the bus,” and how disguting it is, especially when it is someone they trusted.

    DIL sounds like a very nice person,and Twink sounds like a user/loser.

    There’s an old saying about giving someone like that enough rope, and they will eventually hang themselves…looks like that could be happening in this case.

    Not literally, hang themselves, but you know what I mean.

  6. I agree with all of the above, we have to hope that Karma kicks in and ususally it comes back three fold. The fact that the other people came back and told your DIL what was said shows me that they didn’t believe it, but they thought that your DIL should be told that she was being talked about so that she could be warned about this person. I would say it sounds like your DIL has more respect from the other staff than this idiot.
    It also sounds like this asshat will do herself in with her actions, and she deserves everything she gets.
    You know it’s all about jealousy don’t you!?!
    More power to your DIL and let’s hope she can keep it together and be professional at work and ride through the storm. If it was me i’d be tearing that asshat’s eyes out through the back of her skull and stuffing them up her backside!
    No, i’m not sweet – LOL!!

  7. Good people get targeted because they think that they can walk all over them with no problem. I hope Twink ends up with a whole bunch of trouble.

  8. I had a situation with echoes like this once. It wasn’t someone I helped get a job, but someone who got a job with responsibilities connecting to mine, and did everything possible to make his laziness, failure, and inadequacy my fault.

    I, on the other hand, kept everything in writing. He lasted 3 months. We named him Dink.

  9. I kept telling myself what goes around comes around. Sooner or later Twink is going to bad mouth DIL to the wrong person, and it will bite her in the assets…I hope DIL is able to distance herself from both people involved.

  10. oy, That Twink, she’ll get hers one of these days – it’s bad enough when someone does their job well (or pretty well) and keeps their nose clean & you wonder if it’ll take a lifetime for karma to get their ass – but this girl? She sounds like a real winner, and trying to trash another employee – who did nothing but help you? and being drunk all the time with her peers? Well, that bus’ll be here before she knows it….

  11. What the hell?! Some people are insane. Clearly. As for adding anything else to this, I have to say I agree with Michael (comment #7) in that people mistake kindness for weakness. This Twink sounds like a character, and someone who will (hopefully!!) feel the wrath of karma one day soon.

  12. Can they do a Reasonable Suspicion drug test on her for alcohol? THAT may shut her up. She sounds like she has an alcohol problem and odds are that she’s only sober a few hours before she actually comes to work.

    Wouldn’t it be something if an anonymous note tipped off the boss to have her tested? Talk about shitting bricks.

  13. My sister Norma Jean had something like this happen to her. She recommended a lady for a much better paying position because she felt sorry for her. Same situation, after 6 months Norma Jean was to receive a referral bonus. Norma Jean pulled many strings to get this woman the job. When the paper work was submitted the woman put someone else’s name down making Norma Jean look like an idiot. Koodos to DIL and the boss for standing up to Twink. I believe Jan #8 summed her up just right as a user/loser!

  14. It seems kind of ridiculous that DIL’s boss just won’t give DIL the referral bonus when he knows she’s the reason Twink was hired. As for Twink’s gossping, I have no clue how to handle that except that it sounds like DIL’s co-workers have the sense to realize that Twink is full ‘o crap so maybe they’ll turn against her and she’ll eventually leave. Women.

  15. Crap. I hate people like Twink. As soon as I read the bit about her drinking off hours with others from work, I thought “she’ll be fired in no time”. You can’t do stuff like that when you’re new. Or if you do, you best just spend your time listening and not talking. Twink will get hers.

    I hope DIL is okay. This is all so stressful. Kudos to the boss though for not paying the bonus unless it was going to right person.

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