A Touch of Fall


A Corner of my front porch


The redbud tree is starting to turn


I suspect this is poison ivy, but it is too high to tell


Autumn Joy sedum putting on the fall color


My front yard, beyond the grass

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11 thoughts on “A Touch of Fall”

  1. Nice pictures!

    My favorite is the view from your yard!

    Are you able to hear the wind rustling the cornstalks?

    I think that would be such a nice sound!

  2. These are eautiful autumn colors, Sue. The Autumn Joy Sedum is lovely.

    Here is my haiku for you:

    autumn joy sedum
    beckoning us with pink hands
    in front of the house

  3. very lovely pictures Sue, my plastic fern and silk spider plant are still green. I wonder should I buy seasonal fake plants? Do you think they make them for people with the death thumb?

  4. Hi Sue, My yard also backs up to a farm. I just love when they plant corn. Once the stalks start to turn color in the fall, the view is soooooo pretty.

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