Calling All Readers!

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Little did I know I missed it. They did it again and I didn't find out until I was late. You know I've been sick, right? So… can I get a late pass? Please?

C'mon. I know you're there. I've seen the stats (who can resist peeking at the stats from time to time?) Give me the love. I could use a little right now. Another long night of not much sleep and the realization I'm not well enough to go contaminate the family at the bar tonight for daughter-in-law-to-be's birthday celebration. I'm normal such a homebody that when I do decide I want to go somewhere then can't, it totally pisses me off. Have I mentioned I'm still cranky?

(My husband is the best. He realized this morning as I was dragging my butt out of bed for the second time  – first time to let the dogs out at 5 – that I still was in no condition to be alive, let alone having to go to work and make lunches for the field workers. He was kind enough to offer to get lunches around for the field today. Wasn't that sweet? Considering the grump I've been the last few days I thought that was pretty nice of him. Thanks, honey.)

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24 thoughts on “Calling All Readers!”

  1. HHMMMM, The note you say your mother wrote to excuse you?

    The handwriting looks remarkably like yours.

    And I doubt she signs her notes “Mommy”.

  2. Wow. “Lunches for the field workers…” I didn’t realize people still do that. Now I’m really homesick. Try a mustard patch. 😉

  3. girl, i hate that you can’t go to the partay. Hope you feel better soon!

    yeah, i should put one of those delurker things on my blog but i doubt it would do much. about 10 of my neighbors read my blog daily and have never ever left a comment. and they never will. oh, well. the blog must go on, right? hehe. 🙂

    try to have a good weekend and tell the phlegm to get to steppin’!!

  4. So is it still a 300 lb snot ball? Guiness World Record! Careful it doesn’t fall out and crush your toes.

    Scotch on the rocks works well for a cold. So does moonshine…*Cough* so I’ve heard.

  5. See?

    I told you that you’ve found yourself a treasure of a husband!

    Am I lurker? I check your blog several times a day, just to make sure I don’t miss any of the amusing comments left by your faithful readers.

    Try some apple cider vinegar..the organic kind with the “mother.” That stuff works wonders on so many things. It helps break up mucuous, too.

    I use one part vinegar to three parts water, with a tablespoon of honey…sissies use a whole 6-8 oz. of water with a teaspoon of vinegar. 🙂

    Sorry you’re missing out on the dinner tonight. 🙁

  6. Wow Jan, I have been taking capful sips of vinegar nearly everytime I walk into the kitchen the past week. It’s not something I normally do, not that i dislike vinegar, but really I don’t usually do tablespoon shooters of vinegar as a rule. Do you think there is some home remedy lurking in my subconscience somewhere?

  7. Michael..definitely sounds like you’re no sissy, drinking that stuff straight!

    Rinse, rinse, rinse, so you don’t lose the enamel on your teeth!

    Home remedy lurking in your subconscience?

    Could be!

  8. yeah, harvest time is a heck of a time to get sick. It is great that you take care of the hands. I was working wheat harvest one time when I was a kid and the noon meal was supposed to be part of the pay..balona sandwich and a cup of coffee..not much to eat for those long 12 and 14 hour days.

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