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Nickel aka Sweet Thing and Jan got me with another one. This one wasn't quite as clear at first. As a matter of fact, I got Nickel's e-mail first and even after reading her blog post wasn't sure what the meme involved. I had to go to her husband Guy's blog to figure it out! Either I'm slow or Nickel needs to explain a bit better. She's new to the blogsphere, tho', so we'll give her a break.

The rules seem to be "to participate in a blog meme about the evolution of my blog" and then see if you can con some other suckers into doing the same and thereby giving you some links. Here goes~

I've always been a writer. I started out when I was in school as a way to escape. I didn't have a "Leave It To Beaver"  or "Make Room for Daddy" home life, and as an only child I spent lots of time hiding out in my room. I found reading and then writing to be a great way to get things out. Since I was only able to run screaming through the house on those rare occasions my parents were gone, the writing was a great "internal scream", if you will. I don't remember how I heard about blogs. I think I'd heard about them long before I actually realized what they were. After going to a few and realizing that I, too, could do this thing I took the plunge. I found some wonderful role models early on like Sizzle and Helen who opened up their souls and bared it all and I figured if these women could be so brave and beautiful then maybe I could give it a try. I'm still thrilled to call them both blog-friends.

The name comes from a book I was writing – and may someday actually get done. I had visions of all these scraps of paper I'd written on over the years and how somehow they all ended up being torn sheets from something else… a notebook, a napkin… torn pages of my thoughts.

I also have blogged about 're-writing history' and I wanted to be sure and get down some facts in black and white (or brown and beige or blue and purple… yeah, I change templates a lot…hi Brad.) I opened myself up on The Dark Madness to spill the blood, so to speak… and get out some of those nightmares into the daylight.

Evolution? For one thing I think I've become more open. I have always been honest but now open myself up without as much thought to being criticized or shunned. I'm pretty open on here, too, about who I am and my family and I'm pretty sure anyone who tried hard enough (or not that hard) could find me in the real world. The only real change I've made is to go back and change the names of my dogs. They're very unique names and unique spellings and when you search for them my blog comes up number one in search engines – yeah, they're that different. So I've changed those just to try and keep a bit more privacy… but I know that anyone who wanted to find me could.

There. I think I got the gist of the meme out. Because I'm curious, I'm actually going to tag a couple of people with this one:

Fantastagirl, Sizzle, Katie, PlazaJen, and last but far from least, Kapgar. Okay, now I gotta go tell 'em. Have a  Happy Monday!

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8 thoughts on “Evolution Meme”

  1. my story is SO not interesting though. i’ll tell it here- my ex had a blog. when we broke up i wanted to be able to write publicly like he did. maybe i wanted to show him up? he was more a painter and a poet than a writer. i originally told all my friends and family about it thinking it’d be a good way to keep in touch with them without those mass, impersonal emails. none of them really came and read and definitely didn’t comment. . . except the ex and my mom. slowly strangers started reading and commenting and it has grown to what it is now which astounds me on a daily basis.

    you were one of my first commenters and blog friends!

  2. I started my blogs for three different reasons. AlStuff is my journal and playground. It’s my living room.
    Blatherskite is for short stories. I love telling stories, and my kids have been after me for years to write them down somplace. It’s the Library.
    Star is a book I am writing. It seems to be wandering around aimlessly at the moment. It’s the workshop.

  3. Wow, Sue..this was great, as usual!

    Thanks for being a good sport, and playing along, even when you didn’t feel well.

    I guess that is the measure of a really good blogger!

  4. okay, so i say how i started blogging and why? and what does “meme” mean? i have always been curious about that!

    This was interesting. I enjoyed reading your evolution, Sue!

  5. That was interesting…and I’ll play along.

    For the record, I like the mindless, non-thought provoking meme’s … I have to think while at work – thinking at home is soooo over-rated… Just kidding. It’ll be up late tonight or tomorrow.

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