A Day of Rest

…would be nice. As much as I love fall, I hate fall for the hectic days. I work on Saturdays, sometimes Sundays at my 'town' job, and although I didn't work this Sunday and it was my 'day of rest', this was how it was spent:

  • -Dusting the entire house
  • -Vacuuming the entire house
  • -Because we have animals, vacuuming the furniture thoroughly
  • -Cleaning two bathrooms
  • -Doing 7 loads of laundry
  • -Doing two dishwasher loads of dishes
  • -Cleaning the kitchen
  • -Scrubbing the non-carpeted floors
  • -Taking the garbage out of the entire house
  • -Making chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes
  • -Taking dogs outside 5 times
  • -Feeding and caring for dogs and cats
  • -Taking outside dog for a walk
  • -Paying bills
  • -Coloring hair
  • -Reading a book (the new Dexter book – VERY good)

Yes, I realize the last one wasn't really a chore and was technically leisure… still? Sometimes when I really want to read a book and I really want to get through it because it is very good  I "power read" – which, although I am a fast reader, is a whole new level of intensity to reading… it is enjoyable but not necessarily relaxing. Does that make sense?

So. Now you know why I didn't post yesterday.

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10 thoughts on “A Day of Rest”

  1. Whewww..all that in just one day?

    I think you deserved the time you spent reading the book.

    I’ll take reading a good book over all that other stuff, anyday, but I know the other is a neccessity.

    Don’t you feel good that you got it all done?

  2. whew…i am exhausted just reading all the stuff you did this weekend, sue. pick your feet up and have a cold one. you deserve it! 🙂

  3. There are days where I long for vegg’ing, but the day AFTER a vegg feels horrible to me. So I’d rather have the hectic day.

    Just me, tho, I think.

  4. Hello Sue, Sounds a lot like my days. I seem to never finish my never ending chores. I can also relate to the vacuming and animals. Even though I love my animals they double my housework.

  5. My day was so similar…
    -Dusting the entire house- 20 mins
    -Vacuuming the entire house- 20 mins
    -Because we have animals, vacuuming the furniture thoroughly – my cats have their own furniture
    -Cleaning two bathrooms – 10 minutes
    -Doing 7 loads of laundry – only have one or two loads a week
    -Doing two dishwasher loads of dishes- one washer load a week
    -Cleaning the kitchen – 10 minutes I clean as I go
    -Scrubbing the non-carpeted floors- less than 10 min (just the kitchen and one bathroom)
    -Taking the garbage out of the entire house – 5 min twice a week
    -Making chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes- microwaved mac n cheese and some frozen peas (I’m in gaming mode)
    -Taking dogs outside 5 times- no dogs, cats are on lock down
    -Feeding and caring for dogs and cats- 15 min play time every four hours
    -Taking outside dog for a walk- no dogs no walks
    -Paying bills – billpay auto pay instant.
    -Coloring hair – I like my gray
    -Reading a book (the new Dexter book – VERY good)- Dexter book? Still waiting on Butcher and Goodkind (Dec release)

    2 hours labor, 3 hours sleep= 19 hours of world of warcraft

  6. I think it’s more than fair to take a day (or two) off from blogging:) I can’t do all those things in one day or else I’m just worn out, so I wind up spreading chores out over a couple of days. You have to take your dogs out 5x in one day?

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