Punching the Clock

I don't want to get all in-your-face and ask you how much money you make. (That would be rude.) I just want to ask a couple of questions. (No, the IRS will not be notified.)

  1. Are you salaried, work on commission, get paid by the hour or are you independently wealthy?
  2. If you are any of the above except independently wealthy, do you punch a time clock?

I have a weird working situation in that 'technically' I'm part-time, but when we get really busy I can end up working an 80 hour week! A couple of years ago my boss agreed I could officially get overtime. Then he screamed about how much it cost him. I make a pretty fair amount for an hourly wage and as far as I'm concerned, I'm just as happy taking 'comp time' instead. This has worked for the past 8 years I've worked here. We have time cards, but we hand-write in our hours and I keep my official hours within the 40 hour range, then keep track of the overtime I'm putting in and use it at my own descretion to get some paid days off. It has never been a problem. Until today.

We have a new weasel man in the home office who is as worthless as tits on a boar  has a questionable role in the company. He was brought in to take some heat off of the very big boss, but all we can tell is he's a lying, sneaky, freak of nature unpleasant man who thinks he is smarter than everyone else in the universe and will never give you a straight answer about anything. He showed up today with a time clock. Then he proceeded to tell us it wasn't his idea. Riiiggght.

This is going to be a pain in the ass. Seriously. I hope he gets hit by a truck. I mean that in the very nicest of ways…

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30 thoughts on “Punching the Clock”

  1. I have a few people I’d like to see… take some time away from the office, so I know what you mean. I’m salaried now, but staff at the college have to complete a bi-weekly online time entry. It’s completely ridiculous, because we enter our contract hours, not the hours we actually work. They do it that way so that if we’re using vacation time or sick days or whatever, we enter it ourselves so there are fewer disputes.

    First salaried job I’ve ever had that requires a time entry – our HR person says she’s never heard of anything like it before either.

  2. I am salaried. I don’t punch a clock. Comp time is off the books, but we get it for certain times of the year if we request it. I never abuse it. I get way more vacation than I ever use.

  3. Supposedly Salaried. We have to enter time electronically every day at the end of shift. If you forget, you get a nastygram in you e-mail the next morning. Three nastygrams in a month, and you have to have a talk with the boss, and come up with a plan to make it mo’betta. The severity of the penalties escalate until we get to torture and death.
    On the other hand I do get time-and-a-half and double-time.
    Neither fish nor fowl.
    One of the guys at work said “Y’kmow, I noticed that at family gatherings you can get away with saying anything, as long as you end it with “God bless his heart”, so we use that all the time. “He is a totally incompetent pencil necked geek, God bless his heart.”

  4. If you are working off the clock and get hurt on the job you can kiss your workman’s comp good-by.

  5. I am on a salary so as long as I get my work done I can do whatever hours I want. Mostly i’m there 8.30am to 6pm so i’m already doing 7.5 hours more than the “norm”.
    Usually they bring those asshats in to bring the staff together to work as a team, its normally because the staff are a little all over the place and the “higher beings” believe a “force” is needed to bring the staff together as a group.
    Those dudes are usually mean and uncaring shits who whirlwind in, piss everyone off and then leave with a suitcase full of money.
    I hope you survive him – in the meantime i’m sending him all the mean and nasty vibes I normally leave for my own version of the asshat (you know who i’m talking about!).

  6. Maybe you could talk to the weasel and explain to him that you have an arrangement with your boss to take comp time instead of getting paid overtime. It never hurts to ask.

  7. Salaried. No time clock. Technically, I’m a “consultant,” but I’ve been around longer than any of the managers and I know where the bodies are buried. They don’t and I won’t tell them, so I watch them bury new land mines and then step on them themselves. Pretty sweet deal.

  8. I’m poor. Well, the 8 hours I do work are at my discretion… and like you, if I want a few days off then I just do double the hours in one week instead of over two. Works well for me. I’d be absolutely gutted if I had to make it all official!
    How frustrating!
    Sounds like a jerko. Time for a new job??

  9. I’m salaried. I work as many hours as it takes to get the job done. Sometimes that means midnight or 1am… other times it means I don’t have anything to do all day.

    Not much help I know. *grin*

  10. Well, we have an hourly wage but it’s silly since really I am a salaried employee. We have time cards. But it’s the sort of thing were we sign them fill out whatever and well, basically they become a work of creative fiction. It’s always 37.5 hours a week, even when it’s not. (I.e. this is how we claim OT and weekend work.) I am bitter because one of the girls who is basically a glorified coordintor earns more than I do. BITTER, I am.

    I have had bosses who were misery. The boss who used to call me into his office because I was always 10 minutes late. (So I set his clock back.) ha! It sucks. I can provide an alibi if need be.

  11. OMG..my boss came into my office today and basically said the same thing..that upper management wants to keep track of our hours. When it fact SHE’S the one who wants it. Ugh.

  12. I’m a slave.

    I get paid a paltry allowance but am on-call 24 hours a day to two very demanding bosses. I do have nice living quaters but when I’m not tending to my charges I’m in my sweatshop churning out tutus…

    (is this the kind of answer you were looking for?)

  13. LOL at The Kept Woman’s Response!

    At my last job I was hourly. Got paid OT for over 40 hrs. per week. As the boss-man would rather not pay time-and-a-half, we were encouraged not to work OT. But if you had an office full of miserable sick kids at 8pm, he’d rather you stay and get paid than take off and leave him to fend with the miserable sick kids all by himself 😉

    At my current job I am salaried. We turn in a time sheet. No OT, but if we have to stay over, we can claim comp time.

    This new dude at your place of employ sounds like trouble. Have you talked w/ your boss w/ whom you made this deal? I’m no lawyer, but sounds to me like if they decide to screw you, all that comp time off the books could be bye-bye. On the flip side, working OT and not getting paid is illegal.

    Could come back to bite them in the behind if they got found out.

  14. “I am on a salary so as long as I get my work done I can do whatever hours I want.”

    – it’s so funny you should say this. We just had to discipline someone at work who had been told that this was acceptable. However, since we are consultants and bill our clients hourly, he decided he would work from home and pretty much … sleep. And bill the clients for it. Yeah. He’s gone now.

  15. I am salaried, but we do have a few exempt part-time employees and *occasionally* they work more than their part-time hours. And since they are exempt they only get paid for that. But I said *occasionally* – if it turned into a regular thing, we would reevaluate their hours and change them.

    Sorry there is a weasel on the loose.

  16. I get paid by the number of people that read my posts at the blogs I write(not my personal one of course). I put in around 70 hours a week. It works out to crap, but I’m home with the kids.

  17. Salaried here, too – and we have time sheets, lovely electronic things with job numbers and whatnots to allocate our time so it gets billed on & evaluated by project for profitability.

    I say punch that mother-fu*king clock and make them pay overtime. Also a v. good point about workman’s comp if you’re not officially on the clock, you don’t want to “nice” yourself out of essential coverage. Maybe have a conversation with the “good guy” with whom you had the agreement? As a courtesy, and a heads-up, given history & the current state of affairs. But ain’t nobody gonna look out for you but you. And perhaps seeing the overtime skyrocket will result in you getting a different (and better? hopefully?) arrangement.

  18. haha! ahhh, sue, i just love ya. your description of this new prick at your work is a total trip, man. he sounds like pure effing sunshine to be around. hehe.

    i hate punching that damn time clock every morning. i work 25 hours a week, get paid hourly and make jack freaking squat. i surely can’t say i do it for the money. 🙂

  19. Salaried, not independently wealthy. I did have eight (8) 100-hour weeks last year. I used to average 80hrs a week. Now I’m more like 50, with a few that go 70+ but I’m done doing the inbalanced work life.

    But as an IT director managing 9 folks, we don’t have a “time-clock” per se but we do have a “work blog” and I do require that everyone’s blogged at least 30hrs a week – that 30 hrs is to be blog-worthy work, not administrative or filler time. I have to know what we’re spending the most time on – user support, network, servers, desktop/laptop, intranet, etc… it’s like a mini trouble-ticket reporting system and just lets someone type in a one-liner with the time spent and they’re done.

    So I’m a fan of time tracking in certain ways – you gotta admit there are many people out there who waste away corporate resources because they can get away with it. The trick is how to balance catching the thieves without pissing off the good workers.

  20. Independantly poor to moderately ok with a dash of desperation.
    I am retired living on what I once thought was a comfy pension. But as costs keep rising the old pension isn’t budging.
    If I plan to reach a ripe old age I may have to come out of retirement and actually do something constructive.
    The juries still out.

  21. I get paid with the loving smiles of those I care for. The hours are long and I don’t get days off….*wink*

    Maybe he’s not after you and your arrangement. Perhaps there is some questionable situations else where. I don’t know! I’m trying to be positive!

  22. I’m salaried, but because I’m in a client-service type of business, I have to fill out a time sheet for them to assing billable hours by project. It’s not really to keep track of “me” per se, but more or less the time that’s necessary to complete certain types of projects so that they continue to estimate them accurately.

    I guess I can understand having a time card (in some form or fashion) if you’re paid hourly, but it seems like your company is small enough that writing in the hours should suffice. If you don’t trust people to be honest, then why are they still employed?

  23. Well, here’s the delio. You aren’t exempt, based upon your statements. If you punch a clock, you ain’t exempt. Which means you, by law, get time and a half for overtime. No bitching, no complaining by the boss (in theory).

    Stand up for yourself to that jerk. Tell him that, if he thinks that OT is too expensive, then he needs to hire another part-timer to finish the job. Or, he would need to hire three additional PT’ers to do the 80 hours a week. His choice. But if you want to only work 20, and no OT, then he has to make a different choice.

    I hate working for people like you mentioned above. They are all over corporate, and it’s worse then they are your direct manager. At the end of the day, the official word in HR land of consultants is, if you hate going to work every day because of the boss, then it’s time to find another job, because you are going to be miserable for the rest of the time you work there.

    Plus, you deserve better, and if you find a good manager (good luck on that one!), they will have your best interest in mind. The ultimate goal of any manager is to facilitate your being able to do your job. He or she is a servant to YOU. Most managers, unfortunately, don’t get it, and aren’t trained on that. They just happily come up through the ranks with absolutely no managerial experience. God, I hate those people!

  24. I am salaried, not punching any clocks – salaried people shouldn’t be required to do so.

    Planning to be independantly wealthy in the next ten years if my plans work out.

    What’s my plan for wealth you ask?

    Pay off all debt.

    Now that’s wealth.


  25. Right now I’m still hourly. I punch a time clock. Soon enough (once I’m done with my doggy-grooming internship), I will be commissioned. At which point, if I work overtime, my overtime pay will be the average hourly amount for the pay period times 1.5. This is a recent change in corporate policy, and the individual stores are still trying to work it out so they don’t get hollered at by the big guys for paying overtime.

    I don’t know if you work in a corporate setting, but I doubt it. I think most corporations have time clocks. Now whether the smaller bosses make you punch them, *shrug* that’s a different story.

    Good luck with the new middle-man.

  26. Time clock for us!..Clock in and out. You get to work and you should clock in, leave and clock out. You should keep official track of your hours and if dumbass new boss dosen’t want to comp your time, let him pay you the O.T. Otherwise don’t work a minute over 40 if you aren’t compensated. Nice funny blog by the way!

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