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I think it was Becky that was saying recently about the things on television not quite jiving with the things in real life and how it was so annoying. (If it wasn't Becky and was actually one of you other people, I apologize. I don't usually take notes while reading your blogs…). Someone brought up how they had to quit watching some programs when the inconsistansies got to be too much. I am one of those weird people who seem to know very little about a lot of things. I realize that crimes don't get solved in an hour, or even in a week, most times. I know if I were a CSI person I couldn't even work in the dim lighting conditions they put some of those shows in… and, I realize I am not nor will ever be a doctor and if I hear doctor-gibberish coming out of an actor or actress on E.R. there is every likelihood that the only word I will ever understand is "stat".

However, this brings me to the picture you see above. (You wondered when I was going to get there, didn't you?) There is a new show on this season called "Life". I'm not entirely convinced I like it yet, but so far am still watching. I don't think I will spoil it for anyone if I talk about an episode that was on a couple of weeks ago. The main character seems to have an affinity for driving fast and rather recklessly through the streets of the city. He likes a fast, good handling car. In this episode he visited some bad guys at a chop-shop and spotted a car he could not take his eyes off of. Later in the episode we see he has in fact gotten the car. (Unless I missed it, he must have purchased it but they didn't exactly show it – however, he is a rich cop after having a large settlement for being falsely imprisioned.)

It shows him zooming through the city streets, loving this car. The car? Is a Buick Grand National – like the picture above. Only the one he's driving is dorked out with a large white racing stripe over the top. Yes, I said dorked out. These cars are black and are meant to be black and are gorgeous cars – in black. They are turbo-charged speed demons that are smooth as butter going down the road. I know for a fact, though, that the sound they make is more of a wwhoooooosh… not vroom vroom. There is no big rumbling coming from under the hood and the mufflers don't sound like they're coming off, as they protrayed on the show. A Grand National is very deceptive because they can kick your ass on the drag strip and you never hear them coming.

How do I know this? Because my husband owns one. Reality.*

*Once again, I must say this is not a picture of his (our?) car. I have pictures of the car, but were not handy while I was writing this piece.

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  1. I think we actually had the discussion via e-mail (if my memory’s correct). I actually thought about doing a post about misconceptions from TV, especially in relations to jobs and how they’re portrayed on TV.

    I do like the show, Life, but I might be biased b/c I adore the lead actor, Damian Lewis (from Band of Brothers) and would probably watch him in anything. I have to admit that I’m not as fond of watching Crews in his personal life with the cars and the whores, but I do like the actual case work and his unique approach to solving cases and dealing with people. I’m thinking that as the series goes on, it will go more toward the investigative side.

  2. I had to laugh as I read this post, because I make myself, and everyone else, miserable when I am watching most tv shows, and movies, especially. I am too analytical, I can’t do that thing that is spoken of as being neccessary to really get into, and enjoy, these things. “Suspension of belief, ” I think it is called. I have never watched the show you mentioned, but I do like that fine looking car you’re showing here…but I would prefer black! 🙂

  3. Mmmmmm… Grand National… Similar in style to the body of the 87-89 Monte Carlo SS(which unfortunately only came with a H.O. 305 in Canada and could’ve dearly used a 350). Sweet sweet rides both. It is blasphemous to screw with the original paint on a Garnd Nash. Ditto for the black Monte SS (’88).

    Yeah, I’m a Chevy guy, but the Buick is sweet too.

    My two lifelong faves I’ve owned both happen to be Body by Fisher: My first car, 1966 Olds Dynamic ’88, big block 425, (you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find a) 4-barrel carb and intake, conversion to GM HEI Ignitions system (I’m not that much of a purist…. the points and condenser had to go). 2 door hard-top. Big as a house and pass anything but a gas station.

    The other: My 1980-81-82-83 Olds Cutlass LS. Originally the 1981 had a small block 267, which got traded out for a 350 with 4-bolt mains. Mods from there until the sub-frame cracked on the rear end and the trunk compartment was ready to fall off taking the better half of the rear suspension. It got parked, and once I found an ’83 that had plowed into a semi at a garage sale for $200, I swapped over the front clip, tossed out the stock V-6, welded in the right motor mounts, dropped in my 350 4-bolt, and swapped off the VIN (shh, don’t tell nobody that). The mods are ongoing even though I havern’t drove it on almost 3 years. The world up here is much better suited to trucks.

    Post pics of the car 😀

  4. Yea, I have similar thoughts of your post’s subject when I’m sitting there at Wendy’s, pointing at the beautiful picture of the double burger right above their heads, and also showing them the sad chunk of beef and bread they made for me and asking if they see the difference.

    I want what’s in the picture!

  5. LOL. I can go off on CSI. Hummers? Low cut tops on the bimbo crime scene investigators? Interrogating subjects? Very funny. Our CSI calls herself a criminalist. She’s not armed. She’s not a sworn peace officer. She wears something similar to a police uniform. Our crime scene vehicle is a van. I’m always teasing her about why the Chief hasn’t budgeted a Hummer for her. I think the joke has gotten pretty stale. Law & Order SVU is a little better, but it’s certainly not what we do as victims’ advocates. Again, we’re not armed, we’re not police officers, we don’t interrogate. However, I know there are departments in large cities where there are SVU divisions that are all of the above. It isn’t typical though. And, we don’t deal with just victims of sex crimes.

  6. Sue, does he drive the car through the wheat fields dragging the equipment behind him? I could see that.

    Dukes of Hazzard meets Little House on the Prairie. He should slide across the hood of the car and jump in through the window before he goes out to harvest the wheat.

    Yes, I know it’s not wheat. I just like giving you a hard time.

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