I Know There Is A Post In Here Somewhere…or Maybe Not

I just have no clue where it is. Today you get mind droppings.

  • – If the moon can influence the tides, then certainly I must have an inordinate amount of water on the brain 'cause that damn thing seems to influence my sleep.
  • – I'm very extremely fucking tired. See above.
  • – Next week in honor of Halloween I've got some special events planned. Be sure and come by. The blog. Not my house.
  • -I'm also going to do some traveling. Not in real life, but the blogsphere. I'm guest posting. Watch for details.
  • -If you happened to catch the update on the last post before my husband corrected my mistake, you would have read his car did 11.4 in a half mile. If you know anything about cars you would know that is waaaay too fast. The error was all mine. It was a quarter mile. It is fixed now.
  • -Said car didn't appear on the show "Life" last night. I was disappointed.
  • -I heard "Viva Laughlin" got cancelled. Already. The ten-second glimpse I got of it while surfing channels the other night was at least five seconds too long. They should have cancelled it sooner.
  • -I'm trying to figure out which of the new shows is going to be cancelled so I can stop watching them and investing my time. What shows do you think will be cancelled? Which ones do you have to see?
  • -I've been emotional lately. Seeing as I no longer have the proper female equipment to have monthly issues (sorry, guys, if that was TMI) I'm guessing it is from being tired. Found myself crying as I watched the evening news. I didn't cry when I saw the people looking at their homes being lost in the fires, although I do empathize with them, I cried instead when they showed the animals. When they talked about the horses and other animals just being abandoned or being "set free" to "find their own way to safety"… and having the reporter ask the woman at the animal shelter if that was likely and her just shaking her head and saying, "no". Does that make me a lesser human being because I feel for the dumb animals more than the humans? I wonder.

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15 thoughts on “I Know There Is A Post In Here Somewhere…or Maybe Not”

  1. i always, always, always cry when animals are involved! but i’m quick to tears because i am overly-empathetic.

    i’m super tired too. can i blame the moon and not just my period?

    for some reason i haven’t been watching any new shows.

  2. Look out the full moon will be here Friday.

    I am extremely tired as well (*see reference to wow addiction)

    And I was thinking 11.4 gallons per half mile was a little extreme.

    I will keep an eye open for your wandering words.

    I am sorry about your “Life” (the show)

    I watched two whole episodes of Viva wondering if the story was a tribute to Don Laughlin and his wife. It wasn’t. There were very few vague refrences and digs to the king of Laughlin, too vague to be certain. I wonder if they fear him in Tinsel town? My curiosit came from spending so many years in Laughlin when I was Pastry Chef for the Ramada Express. I did get a laugh when the Laughlin P.D. cleared a suspect because they were in Bullhead City all night. Bull head is seperated from Laughlin by the Colorado river, inaccessible but for the bridges, and ferry boats that link them. Or on some nights the water is low enough to walk across. What I saw had potential; if they could get off the karaoke musical theme. (I did like the new approach of the son appearing lame and geeky but in actuality showed above average common sense and concern for family, property, and others.) It was good to see not all kids are marijuana induced idiots bent on destruction and getting wasted.

    That is a good point Sue there should be a Spoiler list of shows you may not want to get too absorbed in as they will not be renewed in the following season.

    Humans as a rule can look after themselves, animals we put into a hazardous situation like those you mentioned should generate a little guilt and sympathy.

    I’m heading back to my sweet addiction, but I am still checking in Sue. “For the Horde!”

  3. Well I’ve been trying to encourage EVERYONE to watch Pushing Daisies. This show is brilliant. Creative, well written, good actors and just BIG FUN. If you haven’t caught give it a shot.

  4. You don’t have to have the appropriate ‘female specific organs’ to get the hormones. Hormones comes from all sorts of fun places


    It’s way too complicated and medical and scientific to actually READ, but the general idea is there are lots of things you can blame. It might not actually be their fault, but you can blame them.

  5. I’ll be so glad when the new shows start thinning out, ‘cuz there aren’t enough hours to clean out my DVR. I’m guessing “Cane” is about to bite it, based solely on the number of commercials it ISN’T attracting. Too, bad, I like Jimmy Smits. And I can relate on the animals… I still harbor murderous intent toward Michael Vick.

  6. A person is where the are in life because of the choices they have made. You determine where you are.

    Animals don’t have choices like that, at least pets and domesticated animals don’t. That makes us responisible for them. I think it is a good thing to feel empathy for the helpless.

    Even if you’re going to eat them.

  7. Being tired, and stressed can certainly affect your emotions.

    I feel sorry for everyone facing all those disasters now, losing homes and everything they own, but I, also, feel sorry for the animals.

    Ever since I first saw the commercial which came out a few years ago, which showed a cold, shivering, dog sitting outside in the weather, looking toward a house with lights in the windows, idicating warmth, and laughter wafting out, which indicated companionship, and seeing the lonely, forlorn look in its sad eyes, I have never been able to feel anything but compassion for all animals.

    It’s a sad situation.

    I hope you feel better soon…I think it’s normal to feel down in the dumps, sometimes…even without a full moon.

  8. animals don’t have a chance – for the most part people do.

    i cry for the animals and the kids. not a person who can get in their car and drive away. unless, they can’t drive away because of no car then, i’m neutral?

  9. I agree with all the comments above about animals. Pets totally depend on us.

    Sue, it sounds as if you’re depressed, which may be chemical as much as emotional. I’ve been on an antidepressant for 11 years, and it’s made a world of difference. Hope you are feeling more chipper soon.

  10. sue- i’ve had the blues lately myself.
    i’ll be lookin’ for your halloween post! and your guest blogging!
    have a good one, girl. grey’s anatomy is on. so that makes me a little bit happy. 🙂

  11. About a year ago, there was a news story about a dog stuck on top of a burning building. It was all I thought about all day long. So, I think it doesn’t make you a lesser human to feel for the animals more than the people. You didn’t say you didn’t feel for them too, just that they have the knowledge to help themselves, where the animals are pretty powerless.

  12. Sue, get your thyroid levels checked. Tired, cranky, low energy even when you really try….yep, check it out. A tiny little pill each morning will fix things in about two weeks if that is the culprit and so easy to do! Thyroid regulates just about everything in our bodies. Tell us what you find out.

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